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Inside this book, you will find easy to grasp ideas and stepping stones to consciousness, including examples of how the author, Ramise, healed dysfunctional patterns in her own life. Guided journal work is also encouraged to assist awareness development. Written in a concise, gentle and profoundly honest manner, ‘Are You Really Happy? Understanding Ourselves,’ is the journey home.
Ramise was severely bullied as a child and at age seventeen, struggling with depression, had a nervous breakdown. While in a psychiatric ward, she began to observe how easily she absorbed and expressed other people’s emotions. This lead to an ever increasing passion with self enquiry. She began to realise a much larger picture of what was possible, if only she could remain conscious…
In her early thirties suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, she left mainstream society. Determined to heal, her self awareness training became her primary focus. Ramise came to understand why we as humans, become trapped by our emotions and how we can heal ourselves.
Learning to listen to her intuition and inner dialogue, she studied her personal traumas and developed processes to bring her awareness into present moment consciousness. This connected Ramise with the journey everyone longs to take - the journey home. ‘Home is not out there, it lies within, it is our birthright and it is within each individual’s grasp.’
Ramise say’s, ‘I was a neurotic basket-case, constantly living in a high level of stress. The mental, emotional and physical pain in my body forced me to take the inward journey. Living in the now is a wonderful release into a place of peace I never imagined existed.’
This is the journey you sign up for once you realise that you are not happy with the way you are living your life. When nothing you do, buy or consume fills that empty place inside you.
… ‘These things I write about come from my own experiences and from listening to other people. I now realise if I’ve felt love, fear, anger, comfort and happiness, then most likely my fellow humans have also felt these feelings and, if I’ve had problems trying to work things out, maybe I’m not the only one.
If I was in love, I was drugged out on the intense feelings. Joy, depression, sadness, paranoia, anger, you name it, I got lost in that emotion. We can learn to stand back from our feelings and reactions, and ask ourselves the questions that enable us to learn and grow. Every emotional reaction I’ve ever felt has a cord linked back to its own source. Part of my journey has been to find and heal the origin of emotional drama and work on improving my relationship with myself, hence improving my relationships with others.’
Let the information in this book wash over you. You may only be able to read a very small amount at a time. Small doses are okay. This book is about the journey of life. One step at a time, one day at a time, one thought at a time. You may read one idea and want to cogitate on it, that’s fine.
Living a spiritual life is not separate from the everyday life we live. We can bring spirit into every moment of our lives if we choose to make the one hundred per cent commitment to our spiritual pathway. If you read this book having made that intention, your life will change.
Throughout the text, I have explained how I resolved my own problems. I’ve often sought the assistance of a professional therapist when life has felt too difficult to navigate on my own. You may come to realisations where you need assistance to process the information and emotions that arise for you, your doctor may have a list of counsellors or therapists they can recommend.
Self discovery, is the journey home.

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November 28
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