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Aries Jones was sent home from an injury he acquired while fighting the War for Freedom in Afghanistan...  

     Why was I still here when my friend, and the woman who had kept me sane, were blown off the face of the earth? Six months in a military hospital, then I return home, and my wife is murdered in front of my eyes.  

     It became too easy to pick up the bottle. I almost drowned in it, and probably would have if an old high school friend of mine remembered what I did for a living and offered me a job.  

     That's when I met Brenna, and listening to her husky voice, as she spoke, and the feelings she brought out in me – ones I thought were long gone, made me think I was cheating on my wife. But Faith was dead, and Brenna was very much alive. 

Brenna Douglas worked very hard to support her little sister and herself... 

      My mother abandoned us, took off with one of the bikers that she'd always kept around. She'd done me a favor when she left. I no longer had to lock myself up in the bedroom with my sissy and hope they wouldn't break the door down to get to us.  

     I had a good job, and I made enough there to keep us fed. Until the threat of the restaurant closing changed things.  

     Until I met Aries Jones. He was the contractor who would be doing the renovations. There was something about that man's eyes that made me feel safe – safer than I'd ever felt before.  

     Aries Jones is the third book in The Never Forget Series. This book is the perfect read for you if you're a fan of Staci Stallings, and this story is similar to her book, 'A Work In Progress.' 

February 26
Robin Rance
Draft2Digital, LLC

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