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Chloe hoped that going home would keep her enemies away from her. She thought she could trust her parents to protect her, no matter how much they feared mermaids and the ocean.

It nearly cost her life to find out she was wrong.

Surviving a mad scientist and Noah’s bloodthirsty relatives was only the beginning, however. An ancient creature is after her, one that’s risen from its sleep to hunt her, and one that almost destroyed the world last time it awoke. To save herself and everyone she loves, Chloe’s only chance lies in traveling to meet Ellie’s mysterious teacher, Olivia, one of the elusive landwalker elders.

But Chloe has trusted people before. She’s tried to escape the madness that’s chasing her before. And nearly everybody who’s learned her secret has ended up wanting to use her or kill her.

Will Olivia’s betrayal be next?

Book Four of the Awakened Fate Series

~The Awakened Fate Series~

#1 - Awaken

#2 - Descend

#3 - Return

#3.5 - Abide: An Awakened Fate Novella

#4 - Arise

#5 - Become

#6 - Rebirth

#7 - Memory

young adult mermaid romance, fantasy, young adult paranormal romance, mermaid romance books

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 20
Wildflower Isle
Wildflower Isle

Customer Reviews

Ruth Backlund ,

Like an old newspaper serial

Okay, now I’m starting to get mad! No plot advancement, no real character development, not a drop of hope that the next book will resolve anthing more than this one did. Why not make it a longer book that truly develops a story WITH AN ENDING, and then just charge more for it? We’re not stupid. Why should we buy the next book when nothing much has been added to the plot in this one?

John Frosted ,


I’ve reviewed other books where I’ve commented that the bad guy was one dimensional with no depth, and wished that the author had explored his (or her) motivations a bit more. It was novel that in this book one of the guys with the black hat got his own set of chapters to describe the story from his point of view, just like the fine folks white hat party.

I regret to say that the author completely and utterly failed to expand the character of the black hat beyond the stereotypical archetype. Yes, he had no morally redeeming features beyond his appetite for raw fish. We never even discovered if he preferred lemon or wasabi with it. Provided not a single scrap of information that would be helpful create a cookbook.

Could have learned something new here about them The writing was uninspired, and even with the great hook of the words coming directly out of villains mouth, only told us what every stock villain always did.

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