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'If you are going through Hell, keep going.' --Winston Churchill. But what can you do if Hell gives chase?

Sebastian Scatkiewicz didn’t ask to become the fulcrum about which human history moved; it just happened that way. A US Marine who’d seen a little too much, Scat just hoped for a new life in the New Worlds. Since then, he’s been embroiled in ever-larger conflicts, one stacked atop another.

Now, in his greatest adventure (so far), Scat finds not just the fate of human life, but the fate of the afterlife itself placed squarely upon his shoulders.

The second full-length Scat’s Universe novel provides all the thrills, twists, turns, and puzzles of his first, but ratchets them up. The politics, the deceit, the lies, the wheels-within-wheels conspiracies – not to mention the fighting – are all bigger, deeper, more urgent.

If the stakes were high before, they’ve never been higher than they are now.

Praise for book one:

"BLOODY BRAVO!! What an enthralling read! What an amazing concept!"

"Scat is a big, intelligent, interesting novel. If you enjoy hard gritty sf with plenty of well-handled dialogue, you will not go far wrong with this one."

"Great stuff. Loved the concepts going on here, I like when someone creates a new and believable universe. There's a whole lotta book going on here, so strap yourself in for the ride!
10 out of 10!"

"...the coda is, well, I was drop jawed. I don’t get drop jawed often... the new technology proves to have a horrifying price that I honestly didn’t see coming, that I’ve never seen used before in a lifetime of reading SF, and which - hopefully - will be the setup for a sequel.--Republibot.com

"Scat is a sprawling novel, spanning years, full of ideas and conflicts that resonate in today’s world, as good sci-fi is supposed to. ... Graham bombards the reader with ideas and the Scat’s ambition and scope are a marvel." --Indiereader.com

'Army of Souls' picks up the Scat's Universe story a few months after the conclusion to 'Scat'.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 30
Jim Graham
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