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Given the choice of go big or go home, nine times out of ten the townspeople of Arnold Falls will go home, get back into their house slippers, and forget about the whole thing, whatever the whole thing was this time. Tempests great and small (mostly small) are always brewing in this tiny, upstate teapot where half of the residents are fighting to preserve Arnold Falls as it was in its red-light-district heyday, half are up to no good, and another half are sleeping it off. And that math is correct. 

Jeebie Walker moved north out of the city hoping to find a house with his then-boyfriend and a quieter life. He found the house but lost the boyfriend, and is still searching for the elusive tranquility. Just now, he's helping a pal become the first female mayor of Arnold Falls; he's fighting against a plan to build a noxious tire factory by the river; and he's working to save Chaplin, a beloved turkey, from Thanksgiving. He and his fellow Arnold Fallsians will have to wage epically tiny battles to restore the disorder that makes perfect sense in Arnold Falls. 

Arnold Falls is a novel that tips its hat to Armistead Maupin and P. G. Wodehouse, creating a world in which food, music, friendship, love, and tending your own garden are connected in surprising ways.


"Hilarious and poignant...Suisman's comedic novel will charm readers with its endearingly eccentric characters and its slice-of-life portrait of a disreputable corner of New York State...A charming, funny novel." -BookLife

"An often delightful and engaging tale that will make readers want to move to the author's heartwarming fictional town...incredibly funny." -Kirkus Reviews

"A quirky ensemble piece, with memorable characters, budding and lifelong friendships and a sharp, good-natured sense of humour throughout...A must-read." -Reedsy

Fiction & Literature
March 10
Charles Suisman
Ingram DV LLC

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