Book 1 - A Sherlock Holmes Adventure

Art in the Blood

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Publisher Description

London. A snowy December, 1888. Sherlock Holmes, 34, is languishing and back on cocaine after a disastrous Ripper investigation. Watson can neither comfort nor rouse his friend – until a strangely encoded letter arrives from Paris.

Mlle La Victoire, a beautiful French cabaret star writes that her illegitimate son by an English lord has disappeared, and she has been attacked in the streets of Montmartre.

Racing to Paris with Watson at his side, Holmes discovers the missing child is only the tip of the iceberg of a much larger problem. The most valuable statue since the Winged Victory has been violently stolen in Marseilles, and several children from a silk mill in Lancashire have been found murdered. The clues in all three cases point to a single, untouchable man.

Will Holmes recover in time to find the missing boy and stop a rising tide of murders? To do so he must stay one step ahead of a dangerous French rival and the threatening interference of his own brother, Mycroft.

This latest adventure, in the style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, sends the iconic duo from London to Paris and the icy wilds of Lancashire in a case which tests Watson's friendship and the fragility and gifts of Sherlock Holmes' own artistic nature to the limits.


A Publishers Weekly Staff Pick

“A pacy and twisting story – made me forget I wasn’t reading a Sir Arthur original.”—The Sun

"In a world with more than its share of Sherlock Holmes pastiches, it is rare for one to soar above the rest, but Bonnie MacBird's Art in the Blood achieves this singular feat and deserves a tip of the deerstalker." –-Otto Penzler, editor, “The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories"

“Dark, stylish, ingeniously plotted. Gripping, enthralling read. Holmes & Watson live!” –-Hugh Fraser

“A thoroughly entertaining Sherlock Holmes adventure worthy of Doyle himself. … vivid period detail, a superb, labyrinthine plot, snappy pacing and, most importantly, a deep respect for the classic characters.” –-Bryan Cogman, Producer/Writer, HBO's Game of Thrones

"Bonnie MacBird's ART IN THE BLOOD has the three key ingredients for a delicious pastiche: Meticulous research, plausibility, and grand fun!" –-Leslie S. Klinger, editor, “The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes”

About the author

Bonnie MacBird is passionate about Victorian London and Sherlock Holmes. She lives in an 1890 building right off Baker Street, and fell in love with Holmes as a schoolgirl in her native California. After many years in the entertainment industry as a film executive, Emmy winning producer and screenwriter, she now writes the critically acclaimed Sherlock Holmes Adventure Series for HarperCollins, bringing the much loved detective back, traditional style, in full-length adventures. Meticulous research, a flair for deductions and a decided sense of humour have turned these into fan favourites. ART IN THE BLOOD was translated into seventeen languages and was followed by UNQUIET SPIRITS, THE DEVIL’S DUE and the upcoming THE THREE LOCKS.

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Customer Reviews

rokinrev ,

An interesting attempt

“Art,by its nature,is not an exact representation of reality...But, imperfect as it is, it transcends its flaws, and is the greater for them. And *that* is why it is treasured!”

Found in the back of an old book, this story, presumed to be by THE Dr. Watson, takes the sleuth unawares as he is hired by a chanteuse to find her son, while he is duped by Mycroft Holmes to find some stolen art and to intercept the most amazing statue fought over by many countries. Greed, lewdness, licentious behavior all play a part in the dual story that comes together in an ending that will leave even the greatest fan of Arthur Conan Doyle shaking their head in disbelief.

And that is why this book, which I believe I received as a Goodreads win in 2015 lanquished on my shelf for 4 years. I wasn’t ready to read a “Sherlock Holmes wannabe “. I consider myself a purist as far as Holmes, and the recent propagation of “attempted Holmes remakes” both attracts and repels me. It’s taken Sherry Thomas’”Lady Sherlock” for me to even glance at this book. What I found was not equal to Conan Doyle, but a well written new story, with a focus that might repell the original author, but sits well with Ms.Macbird, a former screenwriter. Recommended 4/5

BrendaG990 ,

Enjoyable Read

I found this a fast paced, sometimes humorous mystery. Would recommend it to Sherlock Holmes/mystery fans!

rmb901 ,

Fun but ...

This was a fun read and I always enjoy a Sherlock Holmes pastiche, however the final chase strains credibility. There were too many times I broke out of my reading enjoyment to think "this would never happen."

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