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If you wanted to enjoy yourself back in 1968, and were so inclined, you might possibly think about going to Art College, perhaps in London, and spending your summer holidays wandering around the great galleries of Europe including the Louvre, the Prado and the Vatican, as well as visiting the Parthenon, the caves of Altamira and Pompeii.
This account of such indulgence, a mosaic of short episodes, is the platform for presenting the History of Art, Literature and especially Film as it was encountered, using hyperlinks for reference and illustration. A series of five books presents the whole rose tinted reminiscence beginning with the first book in Bournemouth-by-the-Sea, all that time ago, when Modern Art was, indeed, still relatively modern.
The many references to Literature and History, throughout the books, reflect what the Fine Arts once enjoyed. This was a happy synthesis between Art, History and Literature. During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the Fine Arts were deprived of this by other Art forms, which included Illustration, Photography, and particularly Film. The consequence of these developments was an ideology of what little remained. This was called Modern Art.
This book describes Giles Winterborne doing the Pre-Diploma course at Bournemouth College of Art starting in 1968. The tutors all taught as they had been taught; drawing dominated, especially life drawing. There was great hilarity when discussing the recent shooting of Andy Warhol.
There were lectures, tutorials and seminars, visits to London galleries, a thriving Film Society and a certain amount of drinking. Book One finishes with Giles Winterborne going up to London, after being accepted by Wimbledon School of Art, to arrange with a friend to rent a flat for the next year. That weekend he saw Gilbert and George at the Blind Faith concert in Hyde Park.

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Giles Winterborne
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