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Wulff’s cogs are in a jam because of Ursy, his best friend’s little sister. Only she’s not so young and bratty anymore. And she’s got a nice set of gears.

However, Wulff has no intentions of stealing her upgrades. Nor is he interested in bedding her, even if she makes his parts steam. He really should stay away, and yet he enlists her aid in tracking down a treasure.

A mission that’s going fine until the kiss.

Now, he can’t help seeing her in a new light, but Ursy isn’t interested in a relationship, even as she invites him to her bed.

Problem is he wants more than just a temporary meshing of their parts. He won’t settle for anything less than her heart.

September 4
Eve Langlais
Eve Langlais

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As the Cog Turns by Eve Langlais

As The Cog Turns by Eve Langlais

2nd book in the Mecha Origin series. A steampunk sci-fi romance. Can be read as a stand-alone adventure, but best read after the first book for more background on the characters, gears, and world-building.

Ursy was chasing after her big brother and his gang of friends since she was a little girl. Wulff used to think of Ursy as a pesky little tag-a-long but lately he has noticed what a beautiful woman she is. Traveling together in search of gears has the two reconsidering the siblings attitude into a more intimate relationship.
Now if only they would admit their attraction out loud to each other instead of living in denial.

I love Wulff and his willingness to follow Ursy and his understanding of why she hits in reaction to frustration or anger. He’s also adorable in his jealousy.

Entertaining and amusing. An easy, fast and sexy read.
There is an overall series arc on the gears they are chasing, so this couple gets their HEA, but not all is resolved. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.

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