As the Snow Falls - Vol. 1 (The Muse Series #1‪)‬

Muse, no. 1

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Publisher Description

Enjoy the best selling, and first book in the mesmerizing Muse Series. If you love V.C. Andrews style books that mix Gothic Horror with the Family Saga genre, then you will love this book. It's packed with lies and betrayals and twists.

Jimmy's world collapses as he sees his mother being arrested. Before he knows what is happening, he's taken to live with strangers that he's told are his biological family.

His Grandfather rules the family with an iron first. While Jimmy tried desperately to reconnect to his Mom and Sister, he must adapt to the abuse of his new wealthy family, a new school, his new job with the family business, and all of the lies and secrets that are uncovered.

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Here is an excerpt from "As the Snow Falls - Vol. 1":

My best friend just started cracking up laughing. “You know I’m your best friend and would do anything for you, dude….but, I’m not kissing you!” he teased. Hearing that made me laugh and lightened my mood.

That is, until we rounded the next corner. Blue and red lights were flashing near my house. I could see a portly police officer putting my Mom in the back of a squad car. She was handcuffed!

I forgot about Connor and my note from April, and sprinted to my house as the police car containing my Mom drove off. I don’t know when I started crying, but tears were streaming down my face. At first, I figured it was just snowflakes that landed on me, melting. I was screaming, trying to catch my mother. I didn’t know what was going on. As I reached my house, a tall, middle-aged, uniformed officer asked if I was James Nelson.

“Where did you take my Mom?” I screamed, through my sobbing and tears.

“It’ll be alright, son.” The officer told me. “Are you James Nelson?”

“YES! YES! Why did you take my Mom away?” I demanded.

“Because she isn’t your Mom,” the tall officer answered.

That’s all I remembered before I fainted.

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Customer Reviews

@sajeanbean ,


Just not worth reading

Pittmom ,

Just sickening and awful

I'm in shock. I can't believe I read this drivel but I hoped it would get better with the reading of the next page. I was wrong. It didn't. It just got worse and worse. This book was written as if a child or teenager had written it. It's utter crap. I'm sad that I can't get the time back that I wasted reading this. The story line was just incredible but not in a good way. The main character was ripped from the only mom he knew and just put into another home without intervention from social services or psychologists. He was raped by the man who was supposed to be his father and yet he never does anything to stop it or tells anyone. Seriously!!! This is so bad I just can't explain it sooner than that.

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