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Join us on an epic journey older than civilization itself

Dr. Pip Lipkin has lived for 12,000 years, incarnated many times as man, woman, and even as
species beyond our world and senses. But he's here for a reason: to pay restitution for
an ancient crime by working to save humanity from certain destruction. Ascending Spiral is
a book that will take the reader to many different places and times, showing, ultimately,
that our differences and divisions, even at their most devastating, are less important than
our similarities.

Reviewers' Acclaim:

"Bob Rich powerfully evokes the wounded healer archetype in Ascending Spiral, taking readers on Pip's painful and insightful journey through lifetimes that serve as a shining example of how to turn misery into virtue."

--Diane Wing, author, Coven: Scrolls of the Four Winds

"Dr. Bob Rich's Ascending Spiral is a true genre-buster, incorporating elements of historical fiction, literary fiction, science fiction, and even a hint of nonfiction to create an entertaining novel with an important message."

--Magdalena Ball, CompulsiveReader.com

"The way of karma rings true for many people, and this book is a very well written and thoughtful explanation of its message. It is also an exciting, historically accurate series of linked stories that will hold the reader in his chair for a single sitting. Highly recommended."

--Frances Burke, author of Endless Time

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Customer Reviews

ferret_bard ,

Lessons Through Past Lives

Ascending Spiral: Humanity’s Last Chance is a story older than civilization itself. Dr. Pip Lipkin has lived many lives. He has been Padraig (Patrick in English) who dies with his beloved Sheilagh (Sheila) in a Viking raid. He has been Dermot, an Irish Rebel against the English who was eventually transported to Australia as a convict slave. He has been Amelia, an Australian woman who must survive a marriage to a brutal man. He becomes an animated plant on another world, trying to protect her young. He is an immense alien being who is trying to pay retribution for an accidental genocide. As Pip, he is working off his crime by trying to save humanity from destruction with a message of compassion and decency: “Live simply so you may live.”

Dr. Bob Rich has written a story that defies genre classification. The story is an interesting one, told from the first person perspective. Dr. Rich delivers a message of culture change with the rejection of violence, greed, and revenge. In this story, he goes through the protagonist’s lives, encapsulating the lesson of each life at its end. This works well for most of the book. When we get to the last part, which is Dr. Pip Lipkin’s life, the author disrupts the forward flow of the story with a flashback of Pip’s childhood and early life in Australia. I have always felt that flashbacks are a problematic construct for storytelling. For a few moments, I found myself jarred out of the story. However, I was able to pick up the story’s thread again without much trouble. Overall, the story is an intriguing examination of the concept of reincarnation and learning through past lives.

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