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Traumatized by her unusual childhood, sociologist Dr. Remington Chase, has made a career out of her lifelong obsession with American cults. Her research often results in pushback from the groups she studies, but not like what’s happening now, with the White Kingdom Brotherhood biker gang shadowing her every move. 


Is it luck or something far more sinister when a consultant from the Department of Homeland Security makes a surprise visit to her university office, seeking her help in finding a teenager lost inside the group she’s studying? 


Covert operative Greer Dawson has one objective: find the girl who tried to kill his team leader. He promised to protect her, but he didn’t, and now his failure haunts him. He’ll fight for the answers he and his team need...and risk losing his heart to a woman with secrets as dark as his own.

September 23
Elaine Levine
Elaine Levine

Customer Reviews

Pittlover08 ,

Yes on all levels!

I haven't even gotten to the 3rd chapter but I know this is going to be amazing! Can't wait to find out the new plans and developments for the Red Team! Intriguing, dynamic, and hot as hell! Great job Elaine and keep 'em coming!

Reader..... ,

Love it...

Can't wait to read the next book. Could not put it down. 👍

StarMase358 ,

Obsessive, dark, and mysterious

Obsessions are always the spicy key ingredients in this twisted and mysterious series. With each new book the reader keeps getting pieces to the puzzle and many times those pieces are not finished but add onto the big picture. In Assassin's Promise we finally get to look at one of the many mysteries in the series, The Friendship Community, one of the most reclusive and oldest American cults. Dr. Remi Chase is without a doubt a fantastic character who represents very well a sociologist’s drive for understanding something as complex as a cult. The passion, obsessions, and ethics of well conducted research, despite her inner conflicts, breed nothing but admiration for her. Greer Dawson is a character that fascinates. A cyber genius with clear black and white views of the world and a magnetic personality that's equally noble as well as lethal. Remi and Greer joined forces to discover many of the darkest secrets within the Friendship cult as well as its connections to WBK all while revealing overwhelming feelings about each other. As in all of the books within the series we are charmed by the friendship and personal conflicts of all the old and new characters. We are left hanging without air and screaming What? How? Why? Who? Thinking about three crucial cliffhangers. Speculations, brainstorming, and what if are your only way to survive until the next installment, War-Bringer, which is planned to be released sometime during next summer and we can only hope to have the answers we so badly crave. For now, rereading is our only option.

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