Astral Fall Astral Fall

Astral Fall

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Publisher Description

A hundred-year interplanetary war receives little attention from the military’s greatest warriors.

Until five of them devise a secret plan to end it.

From Midwest Book Review:
Without providing spoilers, suffice it to say that Astral Fall attempts to identify, address, and turn upside down reader preconceptions of [...] the nature of military sci-fi as a genre. And, it succeeds.

Think the classic Ender's Game, but without any attempt to mimic Orson Scott Card's scenarios or success. Think a military battle structure holding the epic confrontations of Lord of the Rings, complete with its promise of multiple series books; yet with an attention to intricate detail that belays the (too-often) hasty series production. There is no artificial division of action felt in Astral Fall.

Astral Fall is highly recommended for any military sci-fi fan looking for superior writing and fresh, original plots.
- Midwest Book Review, Diane Donovan

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 25
Jessica Mae Stover

Customer Reviews

SawyerCurt ,

As Gripping as it is Unique

"Astral Fall" is a rarity in science fiction today as it is not based on an existing movie, prior work, or global franchise. It is wholly fresh--a story that is as gripping as it is unique. Books are often referred to as "page turners" but when you reach the chapter "roselaurels" you will be hard pressed not to read straight through to the end in a single sitting. In addition to telling a compelling story, there are also many subtleties that challenge a reader on the first pass. This artfulness includes having the reader examine his or her personal bias in interpreting behaviors and perceiving gender roles when the characters are introduced generically and their sex is revealed later. Simply put, with "Astral Fall" Jessica Mae Stover deftly lays the foundation for what is sure to be an epic series.

AkwardNoah ,

Characters were good

Good books and characters

Ending was a good cliffhanger :)

I got this book for free off of a Reddit post from the author.

Could've done with more background info of the nation of the country they were fighting for but beyond that just a good short book.

OcoSean ,

You're going to want to read this

Wow! This book is like being suddenly dropped in the future and you get to explore and figure out the world without it being spoon fed to you. You'll feel like you are there and when you find your way it's really satisfying. What can I say: great characters, immersive world, and (ahem) relevant material. This title is truly outstanding and deserves recognition. Part two cannot come fast enough!

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