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When you slam the door shut on your boyfriend’s pleas you don’t expect to never see his beautiful face again. A simple silly argument, you expect to get past it. You expect to love, fight, make up and love more. You’re young and there’s plenty of joy to come. But Bobby Trivette meets with a tragic accident in Kentucky’s back hills, and Dru Ann’s future turns to pure free fall. Her grief spiral sets everyone connected to her evaluating the ones they love and the ways they’ve lived in this small town of Paris, Kentucky, forever in the shadow and the spirit of the Cane Ridge Shrine.

AT BOBBY TRIVETTE’S GRAVE is more than teenage love story, more than starry-eyed DruAnn Finch and born-again Bobby Trivette fumbling through first-love drama. Boy loves girl, boy loses girl, boy dies in truck crash, but Bobby’s streak through the Finch family is only the beginning. His death compels Dru’s mother and father, Bev and Reece, to examine their secrets and past ills as they try to lift their daughter, and themselves, out of the holes of loneliness they’ve dug. Pre-occupied with their own wounds, her parents are little help to DruAnn, who wades through her memories of Bobby, wondering how sweet life can suddenly turn so bitter.

Paris, Kentucky, and Cane Ridge served as backdrop for camp meetings in August, 1801, where thousands congregated for six days of preaching, singing, and swooning to the Holy Spirit. So began the Great Revival, called by some the Second Great Awakening, that swept the country. This fire of the Holy Spirit ignites Bobby’s imagination and his sweet talk. He’s a 21st century Kentucky boy mingling holy rapture with the body’s desires. Bobby and DruAnn’s love soars at Cane Ridge, and it’s at Cane Ridge where Dru turns for solace; or as Bobby might say, salvation.

January 5
Magic Masterminds LLC
Magic Masterminds LLC

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