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At First Sight – The New Beginnings Christian Inspirational Series - Novella

Tough and uncompromising undercover sheriff Asia Powers Bancroft had one goal—to bring crime extraordinaire Carlos Saint Magna to justice for tearing her town apart with criminal activity. This goal led her to choices that condensed to one thing—her family and her ability to protect them from the consequences of her job. But she hadn’t known that choosing to bring Saint Magna down would alter her life irreversibly.

Now left for dead, she discovers that, through faith in Jesus, some new beginnings start with “The End”.

Sharon Parson had asked for more than she could handle when she showed up to teach a Christian career counseling class for a Youth Reading Club in a dangerous part of town, unaccompanied, for the second time. Caught in a shootout late at night, she never expected her on-and-off boyfriend, Ash Carter, to rescue her again—or for their love to bloom anew.

With Sharon hesitating over a relationship because of his lack of faith in God, and Ash eager for something permanent like marriage, will she have the love she dreamed of or will it come crashing at her feet before it begins?

At First Sight is the first novella in the New Beginnings Christian Inspirational Series, and it includes the link for a FREE Prequel, To Have & To Hold. Read At First Sight first, then To Have & To Hold, and then Her Undying Faith, the series’ Book 1.

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New Beginnings Christian Inspirational Series (reading order):

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Enjoy this Christian inspirational read today!

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Dakotapink ,

God... really

Unless you want a poorly written fictional book that tries to make you believe in god, it’s not worth the 40 minutes it took me to read. What a waste of time.

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