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She’s loved him forever but will he overcome his guilt for loving her…

Lieutenant Tess DeMarco has struggled through prejudice against women, a messy divorce and years of training to get what she wants out of life. And the Sisters of Fire have stood by her throughout it all. Another constant in her life is her mentor and friend, David Ashford. She loves him deeply, but keeps her feelings secret, even from herself.

Captain David Ashford, the head of the arson squad, is acutely wounded by the loss of his wife. Tess suffers with him through her long illness, her death and the immediate aftermath. At the same time, he suffers intense guilt over wanting Tess.

Devoted to their arson investigator jobs, they work current cases and tension builds between them. Then an arsonist goes after them. David’s always taken care of her but now he’s obsessive about her safety.

Amidst this danger, can they stop the arsonist before he harms them? And can David accept a relationship with Tess, or will he stand by and watch her find someone else to love?

Be sure to grab a copy of AT LAST. As one reviewer put it, “This is a well written story which has engaging and relatable characters, and with loyalty, danger, suspense, guilt, emotions, camaraderie and love, which all pulls at the heartstrings throughout.” Wendy Livingston’s Book Blog

June 15
Ocean View Books
Mary C. Schaefer

Customer Reviews

Grinandstampit ,

At Last is a Must Read!

I am loving the Sisters of Fire series. Tess DiMarco is an arson investigator and is featured in At Last-book 2. This book was so easy to read but packed with info and both a love story for Tess and an arson investigation. Both are full of surprise twists and turns. Kathryn Shay is in her element with this cast of characters as their stories advance through each book. A must read as this author always leaves me wanting more.

777sails ,

At Last

I received a complimentary copy of this book and I am voluntarily reviewing it.

This is the second book of the Sisters of Fire. The series following a group of women that entered the fire academy at the same time. Over the years, they have bonded into a seriously close group of "sisters". Each book follows a different woman and how she gets her man. While this is the second book of the series, you don't have to read the first one to enjoy this one. I would highly recommend reading it though.

The author does a fantastic job of drawing me into the life of Fire Investigator Lieutenant Tess Di Marco and her boss and long-time friend, Captain David Ashford. While I was intrigued in how they investigated fires to see if it was the work of an arsonist, and yes indeed there was an arsonist at work, I was a little disappointed with Tess.

David is newly widowed. His wife, Hope, just passed away after being ill for a long time. David even moved out of the master bedroom to make Hope more comfortable as the end drew near. In fact, David has just returned to work after just a few weeks of grievance! David and Tess can now cross that invisible line of friendship into acting on their feelings. David, though is full of grief and guilt and Tess will be full of hurt and anger. I mean come on, let the man grieve for the loss of his long-time wife for heaven's sake!!!!!

We also see into the lives of the other women throughout this book. There is one point when I had to stop reading as I got so emotional that tissues were needed. Again, I commend the author for how she is able to draw me, the reader, into the "lives" of her characters and become a part of the group.

This is a sexy story so I would only recommend this to anyone over the age of 18.

Ellen/Oceanside ,

At Last

A story that pulls you in from the beginning. The arson team working together on a case. There lives are shown to us, the highs and the lows. We meet the Sisters of Fire a group that supports one another and shares theirs lives.
In this story of David and Tess, friends and being there for one another over the years. A time of new beginnings, for several in this group.
Love the story line and the women in it. Well done.
Given ARC. for my voluntary review and my honest opinion

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