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We all dream about it, but Wade Rouse actually did it. Discover his journey to live the simple life in this hilarious memoir. 

Finally fed up with the frenzy of city life and a job he hates, Wade Rouse decided to make either the bravest decision of his life or the worst mistake since his botched Ogilvie home perm: to uproot his life and try, as Thoreau did some 160 years earlier, to "live a plain, simple life in radically reduced conditions."

In this rollicking and hilarious memoir, Wade and his partner, Gary, leave culture, cable, and consumerism behind and strike out for rural Michigan—a place with fewer people than in their former spinning class. There, Wade discovers the simple life isn’t so simple. Battling blizzards, bloodthirsty critters, and nosy neighbors equipped with night-vision goggles, Wade and his spirit, sanity, relationship, and Kenneth Cole pointy-toed boots are sorely tested with humorous and humiliating frequency. And though he never does learn where his well water actually comes from or how to survive without Kashi cereal, he does discover some things in the woods outside his knotty-pine cottage in Saugatuck, Michigan, that he always dreamed of but never imagined he’d find–happiness and a home.

At Least in the City Someone Would Hear Me Scream is a sidesplitting and heartwarming look at taking a risk, fulfilling a dream, and finding a home–with very thick and very dark curtains.

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June 2
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Customer Reviews

Scubasusie ,

Hilarious book!

I had asked Facebook friends for book suggestions and after reading one that was suggested by many, I wanted to scream in despair. So for my next book selection I googled something like "funny book to read" and this book of Wade's came up on an Oprah Winfrey book club thread as hilarious. So I bought it. Omigod sooo funny I bought the rest of his books and stalked him online. Hahaha! I LOVE Wade's writing style, his honesty about life, and his beloved partner Gary who keeps him real! I'm still trying to find out if Gary has a straight older single brother. This book is a great heart-written book. Thank you Wade.

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