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As a general empirical observation, it seems to me true that irrationalism and tyranny go hand in hand . . . anti-cleric and his religion slamming was most enjoyable . . . and there could be a worldwide constitution. It's no mere contrivance. It's a global accord of property, democratic and human rights with China, Russia and India. The industrialized democracies will overtake the world's markets with the spread of contractual law. The middle place we occupy is a necessary and even convenient belief for humans. Religion is always wishful thinking and philosophers are sometimes criminals of world disaster. These are just some of the ideas defended in Atheism Scepticism and Philosophy. Relative knowledge is the only asset, whereas absolute knowledge is a lethal poison. There is a basic morality we can all agree on. Reason reigns supreme and instinct, faith and intuition are an irredentist's delusion. Challenging.

A much needed and refreshing voice of reason. It is multi-dimensional and thorough at refuting the irrational, whether it be philosophies, ideologies, beliefs, religions, politics or what have you. A lot is tackled in these pages . . . a provoking work which also weighs in on morality, personal freedom and human rights . . . the author casts a wide net to find his opponents . . . a great read for skeptics, fence sitters and the free thinkers alike . . . amassed with information . . . I took a long time with it and I was glad I did. For a whole year it became my companion at university. It examines several points: that reality can be definitively grasped, that reason is the only worthwhile means of seeing it, that we can be creative, that we have real freedom of choice and that the right to liberty is guaranteed by our ability to do all this. The book is like having a voice of reason in your corner.

February 4
E A (Edward) St Amant
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