Atkins Diet: The Induction Phase

New Recipes and Healthy Menu Ideas

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If you are looking for new recipes and menus ideas that promote a healthy, managed carbohydrate diet, this book is perfect for you.  It's filled with easy-to-prepare recipes that are absolutely delicious!  Each dish fits the bill for the Atkins diet.

The recipes in this book are only for the Induction Phase of the diet - usually the first two weeks.  You'll find high protein and low carb dishes that get you off on the right foot without sacrificing the taste and enjoyment of your favorite dishes.  

All of it.  Right here , in one little cookbook. 

Just for you - to help you make healthy eating fun!

If you are familiar with the Atkins® way of eating, then you already know the story. If not, read on. Years ago, Dr. Robert C. Atkins developed a diet that revolutionized the way people eat to lose weight and stay healthy. It’s called “The Atkins® Diet.” Based on eating lots of protein, mixed with a minimum amount of good carbohydrates and good fat, this diet helps you shed unwanted pounds quickly - and it helps you keep them off. No food to weigh, no celery sticks-only meals, and no bland, unexciting dishes. It’s good food that’s good for you.

What’s even more exciting is that this diet is for life - not six weeks, not until you reach your goal weight, not on again and off again - for life! The Induction Phase, the very beginning of the program, is designed to help you start a weight loss program in a quick way while you move into the realm of healthy eating over the long term. For the first two weeks, carbs are limited to twenty per day, all good carbs, too, and every dish is packed with protein and good fats. You don’t get any of those sweet little treats you may covet, and you have to push that plate of pasta to the other side of the table, but don’t panic! There are wonderful dishes that replace these high-carb foods, and you won’t go hungry for a second!

So, you ask, what makes it work? That’s a simple answer. Your body is constructed of proteins, except for your bones and water content. Proteins are called the “building blocks” of your body - without plenty of them, your muscles, tissues and organs cannot function properly. In our modern world of fast food and even faster living, we’ve gotten far, far away from healthy eating habits - mainly, we’ve abandoned our protein intake for the sake of convenience. We load up on carbs, bad ones mostly, in order to satisfy our hunger quickly so that we may go on to do the next “thing.” The Atkins® Diet fixes that problem by re-introducing balance into your eating plan - for life!

And, yes, we do need carbohydrates the same as our bodies need protein. The difference is, however, they have to be managed - we only need the good ones - the bad ones don’t do us any favors. What are good carbs? Fiber, a complex carbohydrate; your body doesn’t digest them well, so it becomes a best friend when you follow this eating plan. Other complex carbs, on the other hand, most always break down into simple carbs, in sugar form. That’s not good.

Another thing we need in our diet is fat. FAT?? Yes, fat. But, it has to be a fat that converts into lipids, or good fat. We need these fats in order to promote healthy cells, the making of hormones and the storage of energy. We get this good fat from fish, butter and certain oils, such as olive and canola. You’ll notice them in these recipes.

The recipes in this book will guarantee that you receive these needed proteins, carbohydrates and fats, but you have to be good and refrain from using substitutions, unless it is noted in the recipe. This healthier way of eating may be new to you, but this book will have you working it like a pro very quickly. Start it today - don’t put it off until later!

Pick up your copy today... Enjoy!

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January 10
Clifford McDuffy
Clifford McDuffy

Customer Reviews

Intro phase ,

Atkins Diet introduction phase

This book is a cookbook for Atkins diet....not an instruction book for the diet....not what I wanted, not recommended unless you want a cookbook, only about 2 recipes I would use! Name is deceiving

SkyRob ,

I thought I was getting more

The recipes seem nice. However there are always 1 -3 blank pages between every recipe. Talk about padding out a book. This more than doubles page count.

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