ATLANTIS . NG National Geographic and the scientific search for Atlantis

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First of all, it is my duty to make it clear for the reader that this book is a very condensed summary of a series of books that have been already published, more than thirty books written by the author about historical and scientific Atlantology. On this occasion, the author has tried to summarize as much as possible the extensive footnotes, dense critical apparatus, and extensive bibliographic references from previous editions, which were aimed at a more academic or specialized public.

The purpose of this brief work is to give a fast and simple overview of the hypothesis, investigations, contributions and findings related to Atlantis carried out by the author over the last two decades, no matter the level of expertise, focusing particularly on those issues that have been handled – and only briefly explained- by the author in the fascinating documentary, Atlantis Discovered, produced by James Francis Cameron, Yaron Niski y Felix Golubev, and directed by the  Canadian award winning filmmaker  Simcha Jacobovici for  National Geographic.

In this regard, I hope this book serves as a complement to improve data and details that could not be appreciated when watching the documentary, for obvious production reasons. No documentary, no matter how lengthy  is, can gather all the details of a research, let alone when the author’s participation is only partial, having to share it with some other experts who  proposed different hypotheses related to the location of Atlantis in the Mediterranean and Azores area. Two hours are not enough, nor would be three or four more hours, to sum up, albeit briefly, several hypotheses. At least a series of ten lengthy chapters would be required to develop more fully the author’s investigations about Atlantis.

For these reasons, among other ones, but specially due to the high level of complexity (both linguistic and interpretative) that results from underwater works, everything related to the filming of possible underwater evidence in favor of my theory about Atlantis is handled on an exclusive basis in other book I am currently editing (as it is presented on the documentary as a simple advance). This book will be only focused on the issue of archeological, seismic and geological evidence.

Having clarified the pragmatic and condensed nature of this work I would earnestly ask the readers (specially the critic ones) for their understanding, benevolence and every possible indulgence. I hope they keep in mind that this book is not the most appropriate book to judge the quality, scientific and methodological rigor of my extensive research about Atlantis for more than twenty years, as it would be necessary to read a dozen of my books about Atlantis to be able to make an in-depth analysis.

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