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When a girl on a quest gets kidnapped…

Princess Coral wants one thing. Actually two. Her lost sisters. Locked in her underwater castle by an evil regent intent on seizing control of her kingdom, Coral is determined to break free and find her siblings. When she tries to escape, she’s seized by her childhood crush, Finn.

This wasn’t the reunion she’d expected. Finn plays a delicate game. A game of loyalty, betrayal, and honor.

Even though Finn is working for the enemy, Coral needs his help to reunite with her sisters and stop an underwater war. She must risk her heart to gain his trust. But what will happen if Finn chooses against her?

This is the second book in a young adult fantasy action adventure novel series. Each of the books stands alone and feature a fairy tale based quest featuring mermaids and magic.

“I'm a sucker for princesses and while all three of these sisters are that, Coral actually is a princess from the beginning of the book. So I was hooked. And Finn. Oh, man. He's yummy. Loved the adventure too. Great book. Can't wait to read the third one in the series.” Reviewer

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Young Adult
May 23
Alice Fairbanks Burton
Alice Fairbanks-Burton

Customer Reviews

Rocket sauces ,

A gifted writer

- wrote another great book. This is a book that wraps you in its story, won’t let go and tries to make you finish in a single setting.

When you finish, the characters stay with you. The adventures are remembered and the dreams of living as the characters did make you want to return.

Something_cxonspitouis ,

Girl what?

4 dollars for an amazing squeal that I really wanted to read off 'Wattpad', Girl Bye!

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