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Stella lost everyone and everything important to her. After all the lies and hiding, she's ready for a fresh start somewhere where her brother’s enemies won’t find her. One last night out turned into her worse nightmare. The morning she should be moving away from all the painful memories, she finds herself a captive by exactly who she was running from. 

Atlas is determined to finish what they started. Stella is unknowingly the key to solving the unanswered questions her brother left behind. Taking advantage of their sexual chemistry at the club, he forced her to his lake house. He promised her protection but Stella made a promise of her own: Trust no one, especially the man responsible for ruining her life.  

What happens when Stella’s life depends on trusting Atlas? What happens when keeping Stella is risking everything he worked for? What if neither one is willing to let go?

November 30
Alyne Roberts
Alyne Roberts

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lb2307 ,

What a weird book …

Beware, couple of spoilers in this review.

Stella’s borther was a member of the mob with his best friend Atlas. After he started investigation their shady activities, he was murdered along with the rest of Stella’s family. She’s the only survivor and the only one who saw who the killer was. Atlas is trying to figure out who it is, so he kidnaps Stella, holds her captive and tries to get information out of her.
Up until now, the story is interesting.

Here is where it gets kind of weird and uncomfortable. She’s held captive in there for months. Even though she’s not exactly being tortured, she’s still a prisonner and she develops a soft spot for Atlas. She’s totally broken down, but then she starts to want him.
That made me feel really uneasy. She's tied up half the time, a prisonner and she still wants him… I felt more like she was suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and that he was taking advantage.

I honestly didn’t like the characters at all in this book. The whole thing made me feel uneasy. Stella is a strong girl, but she lets Atlas take advantage and then likes it. Maybe she needed some affection and this was the best thing she could get. Unsure but that whole thing just Erked me.

I don’t really recommend this book. It’s really just odd and uncomfortable to read for what is supposed to be romance.

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