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"The main character Divinar is a hero for our time - brave, modest and two levels higher and deeper than everybody else. He states that Answers Do Exist, and proves it by supplying amazing solutions to amazing problems. I have put The Geometry of Ideas into my toolbox." Charlie Ridge.

"Consider the concept: A Geometry of Ideas. You get it, or you dont." Thomas Chang

"Reading this book is like reading a thunderstorm - watch out for the lightning. A sentence or a phrase will hit you with an insight so real and so deep it will shake a whole corner of your being. I also want to say that that the climactic battle between Virulius and Divinar is an out-and-out classic. Read it now or read it later." John Kopacki

"Lots of action, laughter and neat original songs. But more than just a good read, this is the most thought provoking novel I have ever read. Giovia has his hooks into a big fat idea he calls Contextual Geometry, and believe me it is fun to watch him work. Maybe the best thing I can say about Attack On Cellius is that I read it twice." Phil Ruger

"This is an underground novel in the classic sense - a next generation vision circulating near the surface of the Zeitgeist. Be prepared: the Geometry of Ideas will riddle you with electric shocks of recognition." Charles Gower.

"Mind. Boggling. Moments." Caroline Reynolds

If you are already at this level, Giovia gives a clear explanation of how he thinks the level works. If you are not at this level, Giovia will take you there. An extraordinary work. Thank you. Victor Tran

Talk about a Big Finish. The battle between Virulius and Divinar sent chills down my spine. This is the best sci-fi novel I have ever read it makes you think, it makes you smile, and then it flat out astonishes you, again and again and again. It is not for everybody, but if you are ready, this is the ride of a lifetime. I want more! Thank you, Mr. Giovia. John Carter

Mr Giovias central concept, which he calls Contextual Geometry The Geometry of Ideas, is served well in this story. This is a very big idea. I have a few quibbles here and there, but bottom line I wish I had written this. I have to mention that the final battle is a stunner. Kevin Packard

It is the dawn of a new century, one hundred years since the The Great Realization. To celebrate, Cellius has opened The School of Consciousness as a symbol of this new era. Virulius The UnBalancer, Leader of the Robot Nations, sees the School as a threat and leads his antigen hordes in an attack on Cellius. Divinar The Analogist is alerted and organizes a Cellian response.

The struggle brings together Divinars daughter, Princess Marina, and Tyronal, leader of the outlaw Amino Gang. Their love story unfolds against a background of desperate conflict: Mitochondrians, Ribosomians, Histones and Aminos join forces to resist a Virulian blitzkrieg aimed at destroying Cellius delicate ecological balance.

Hope fades when Virulius unleashes Naysteler, a hellish power-absorbing weapon that feeds on the very energy that attempts to destroy it. Naysteler meets Divinar in a final confrontation that will determine the survival - or death - of Cellian civilization.


1. The School of Consciousness

2. Virulius

3. The Amino Gang

4. A War Against Nature

5. The Crown Palace of Nucleus

6. A Visit to NuCellius

7. The Books of Truth

8. Naystelar

9. The Idea Transformer

10. Resistance is Futile

11. The Silo

12. Journey to the Reticular Mountains

13. Marina and Tyronal

14. The Tower of Trials

15. Truth Means Everything

16. At Golgis Camp

17. A Dying Nucleus

18. DiaVersaFeelings

19. Faith Promises Answers

20. The Battle Phase I

21. The Battle Phase II

22. The Battle Phase III

23. Prologue

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 21
Xlibris US

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