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"In the aftermath of a failed financial coup d'etat in Kuwait the man known as George Liani, the intelligence world's most wanted terrorist, flees to safety in Iran. Once there he will be used by the extremist leadership to mount an even bigger attack against the hated west, the reach of which will be vast and the consequences of which will be appalling.
At the insistence of his financial conduit Najib Shawa, and to pander to the beliefs of his Iranian paymasters, this ruthless killer adopts a religious mantle. He is persuaded to use the guise of the ‘Da’i al Mutlaq’, the ‘Unrestricted Messenger,’ the one who will prepare the way for the emergence of the ‘Hidden Imam,’ ‘the Mahdi,’ of Shia Islam. As such, and backed with the resources of the Islamic Republic of Iran, his weapons will be nuclear and his method will be attritive.
Once again the veterans of the discreet Private Military Company ‘Fine Line Solutions,’ are called upon to go where no one else can. To go into the heart of a closed country, probing the depths of Iran's underground nuclear program, and locating the cutting edge of the knife at the throat of the west. When Mike Edge and Jim Savage find it is their old adversary George Liani at the hilt of the blade the chance to settle old scores becomes a bitter struggle. But will they discover the scale of the assault being launched on the West? And will they realize that it will be a war of attrition."

Mysteries & Thrillers
November 28
Nicholas Gill
Smashwords, Inc.

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