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In today’s world, audio and video recordings can be made by almost anyone. From smartphones to sophisticated studios and sound stages, large amounts of media content are created daily. And as our world becomes increasingly and audibly congested, the rate of ruined recordings is rising in tandem. Human error, unexpected electrical or mechanical interference and unwelcome intrusions from aircraft, cell phones, pets, people and Mother Nature regularly impact even the most seasoned professional. Many times, it just isn’t possible to record that “perfect take” over again, particularly when editing coverage of a live event, or working to meet budgets and deadlines.

Whether you’re a professional or just getting started, you’ve probably ran into difficult audio situations like those mentioned above, and wished you could correct what seemed like an impossible dilemma. We hope this guide will help you understand the basics (and beyond) of audio repair and restoration and enable you to fix previously unusable audio.

Computers & Internet
September 26
IZotope, Inc.
iZotope, Inc.

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h greed ,

RX4 Advanced Booklet - A Must Read

A great read. Definitely needed if you're going to download the trail version of RX4 before purchasing it. If you plan to get the RX4 and not the RX4 Advanced during the trail version, do not cheat yourself. Download the RX4 Advanced version to get the whole feel of what you might use RX4 Advanced for first. You may not need the Advanced version, but this book will help make that decision more clear for your individual needs. As a student at SAE Institute in Atlanta. I've found all of the iZotope booklets handy.

Beezermigs ,

Helpful in MANY ways!

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