Auguries of Summer Auguries of Summer

Auguries of Summer

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Easy-going Sebastien divides his time between working as a cleaning technician, caring for his widowed father, and running off to the park for soccer practice. Coasting through his existence, he's convinced he doesn't have much going for him.

That isn’t what his best friend Jack thinks. Quick-witted and passionate, Jack is fascinated by art and history, but the greatest book or painting could never compare to how he feels when he's alone with Sebastien.

In the last five years, Seb and Jack have shared everything, sometimes even a bed. Yet though their chemistry is smoking hot, Sebastien keeps Jack at a safe distance. But when the two move in together to lower their living expenses, that distance gets smaller and smaller, until Sebastien and Jack are standing so close, they can't see what's right in front of their eyes ... the love of their life.

Fiction & Literature
April 24
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Customer Reviews

joe deddo ,

Auguries of Summer

This is the best written book I have ever read. Full of reality and emotions. Kept me turning pages well past my normal bedtime.

angiecat11 ,

Great book

It’s an amazing book wi genuine characters but the main character is one of those people that absolutely hate even though you know what’s going on inside, you should definitely get this book!!

hubbabbubbahhz ,

Hold me - never, never let me go —

A cute fellow - JACK BARLEY — 5’-8” tall,
thin, with a slender muscular structured body-frame — was beautiful; intelligent, bright, a smart and very witty — young twenty-one year-old gay-boy — Often working as a gay-bar’s weekend waiter…

Twenty-two years-old, a handsome athletic profile, but shy — SEBASTIEN — a teddy bear — has NEVER been inside a gay-bar; deciding to go to one,
on a summer’s eve, on a late Friday night;
he spots an empty bar-stool at the bar’s far end - settles with his two bottles of beer - observing;
Watching the paired dancing guy-couples, mixed in, with tables of friendly - boisterous ‘studly’ males.

SEB’s 6’-3” height- sitting on a bar stool, alone, by himself - yearning for friendship - makes him sense he must appear like a ‘DUNCE’ sitting on the fringe of the party’s play-pen-bar ‘hospitality’ room…
Taking an out-sider’s - time-out -
SEB lingers outside, for some fresh air, debating - should he leave for home - or - whatever -
the bar-room’s cute waiter steps outside -
to shake more than his bar-towel -
exchanging hello’s - as well - an invitation to meet afterwards - when Jack’s shift ends at 2:30 a.m…!
After their encounter …
discovering a blissful infusion of emotional love…
Time’s memories…with no commitments…
Just friends - with a benign friendship.

FIVE YEARS - still - close friends — when JACK’s boyfriend CRAIG - skips out on him - departing their shared domicile with Jack’s shared bank account - In his fist…!

SEBASTIEN and JACK decide to move-in, together -
an apartment in the city’s gay village quarter -
each - with their own private bed-room.
How difficult to accept, acknowledge, intense emotional feelings beyond just friendships…?
only room mates

Nevertheless, a room-mate endeavor intensifies their relationship - forcing SEB to evaluate his fellowship.
—— his silence —
His inability in a decisive declarative —
“I love you Jack…”
Closing the gap of wanting and having.

A heart pounding romance…!

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