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Aurelius Augustine (354-430) is one of the most prominently known figures in the history of the Christian church. He was a philosopher and theologian of the highest order, and steadfastly preached on the grace of God. He preached and wrote on the grace of God so extensively to preserve the truth of the gospel (especially against the heretic Pelagius) that he was deemed “the Doctor of Grace.”

Many today hold to what has become known as the Five Points of Calvinism, or the doctrines of grace. They comprise the five points of Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace and the Perseverance of the Saints. But did Augustine believe these same “Calvinistic” doctrines? Is Augustine’s theological view of sin, election, the death of Christ, regeneration and sanctification the same as the Reformers, the Puritans, or even those who hold to the Gospel of Grace today? This work is a survey of that question and demonstrates from Augustine’s works that he was, undoubtedly, a Calvinist.

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May 22
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Dismayed drummer ,

God Presrves

The beauty and truth of Gods grace is found and taught from Gods own words in the Bible. These truths have been revealed and preserved by Gods own will to those He has chosen to be His people. It is exciting to see these truths being so clearly taught in the early Roman Catholic Church. We are reminded that Gods blessing is not tied to any Denomination and to look to God alone for salvation. To look to the Bible alone as the authority for doctrine. Thanks be to God for raising up faithful teachers through the ages, and preserving a remnant to Himself.

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