AUTISM Prevention, Care and Management

The Plight of theCanary Children and Their Release from Captivity

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AUTISM, Prevention, Care, and Management

This new book, written by a physician with 11 years experience caring for children with autism is primarily intended for parents and young families. It explores and explains in detail autism’s origins and presents plausible methods of caring for a child with any autism spectrum illness. This book is unique compared to other books on the subject because it suggests steps to prevent autism from ever developing in the first place.

New families need this book. They must be informed about what they can do to avoid this illness. The information is concise, positive, and easy to understand. It is strong on nutrition and natural interventions. It is available both in hard copy and as an ebook.

Surprising revelations surface, such as the roles each person’s unique biochemistry and the state of their liver play in determining their ability to tolerate a standard vaccination load. The contributing factors relating to poor commercial soil practices are discussed.

Children with autism have frail, weakened bodies. No environment as contaminated as ours can fail to harm human beings who are sensitive to such agents during life’s early stages, both before and after birth, and before the brain is completely developed.

Experience and  knowledge are on the side of the author who applies his background in medicine, nutrition and decades of thinking and writing about the connection between our contaminated environment, poor nutrition, and human health.

Autism can be stopped or avoided completely if everyone implements the proposals contained in these pages. Called “dead on” by experts, this book will change the way people think about autism.

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March 13
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My daughter was diagnosed with severe ADHD. We used a few of the principals found in the book, and she no longer needs ADHD medicine. It was a long road and not as easy as popping a pill, but we were looking for total healing. While she doesn't have Autism, I found all the studies in this book fascinating to read. I personally had never heard of many of the studies and it was interesting to read them all together.