Autonomous Zone

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Trapped outside the city in the Autonomous Zone, Citizen Hill finds an unlikely ally in Julian Bless, which brings into question—the enemy of my enemy is my friend, or is he?

Citizen Hill is a genetically enhanced warrior trained since childhood to hunt infected humans and rogue Gollums. When a new faction, Elysium, moves into the Autonomous Zone, declaring ownership, the Therian Federation tasks her with one mission: infiltrate the organization, take the leader, Julian Bless, into custody, and disband the followers. Once on the inside, she discovers a horde of infected humans and Gollums responsible for a shocking series of brutal attacks devastating the Township of New Therian.

These monsters are different, nothing like the mindless beasts she's fought before—the creatures crave mammalian meat, mainly uninfected humans.

When the Gollums turn on the humans in the Autonomous Zone, slaying whole colonies to eat their flesh, word gets out. The leaders of New Therian, fearing a Gollum invasion, quarantine the city. The act results in a massive lockdown, sealing the New Therian in a dome for fourteen days.

Citizen, forced to turn to the humans of Elysium for survival, finds herself at odds with her programing, her creators, and what it means to be human. Fighting side by side with Julian Bless, she discovers there's more to the virus, the Gollums and Trolls, the Federation Leadership, and her origins.

Several Federation Dignitaries will stop at nothing to erase Citizen Hill and Julian Bless from history and shield the truth of the deadly virus consuming the Autonomous Zone.

Fiction & Literature
July 21
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