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Sometimes the price of revenge is too high

When Mya discovers a badly wounded Edenist in the jungle, she hopes by saving him, he will help her enter the city of Naralina. She takes him to the safety of her home, only to find another Edenist is already there…and he's looking for her.

Keeva's mind is more than intrigued about the invisible woman who came to his rescue since there's no such thing as a female Edenist, not that his body cares. When he learns of her history, his protective instincts flare to life, bringing with them a need to avenge her.

Bent on revenge, Haldone seeks Mya's help to punish those who harmed his brother, at least that's what he tells himself, but his feelings for her go far deeper than the "friend" she dubs him. Unfortunately, he's not the best at communicating his feelings…or anything else for that matter.

The men's thirst for vengeance on those who took her parents gives Mya hope and a new sense of family. It isn't long before she develops a growing attraction, the first in her life. But surprises in the enemy camp and dangers to them all mount until she realizes they each must decide what is more important, revenge or each other.

March 28
Lexi Post
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Wish2BeCharmed ,

Avenging Eden

Welcome to Eden…

If you are new to this series, let me do just a quick re-cap. Eden is a planet of very hawt, very naked men in search of their beloved. Yes, you read that correctly! A planet full of VERY HAWT NAKED MEN! With women being out numbered greatly on this planet, the men have begun searching Earth for their soul mate. Our Edenists have noooo problem sharing, so if reading more the merrier romances is your thing, then you will fall in love with this series!

In Avenging Eden, Keeva and Haldone are both seeking revenge on wrongs done to their family but for different reasons. Their goal for vengeance is both brought together and anchored by Mya, a beautiful woman that has lost her family and been living alone in the jungle for years. Mya has a secret best left guarded, and it is up to our heroes to keep her safe, while acclimating her to the wonders of their world as well as the pleasures of the flesh. But when revenge causes Haldone to lie by omission, will their love for one another keep them bonded as a family, or will they once again be lost and alone.

Lexi Post has written a dream world for those who enjoy ménage stories. After each installment, I am left eagerly awaiting my return to Eden. Highly recommend!

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