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It’s time to set the record straight about Steven Avery.

The Netflix series Making a Murderer was a runaway hit, with over 19 million US viewers in the first 35 days. The series left many with the opinion that Steven Avery, a man falsely imprisoned for almost 20 years on a previous, unrelated assault charge, had been framed by a corrupt police force and district attorney’s office for the murder of a young photographer. Viewers were outraged, and hundreds of thousands demanded a pardon for Avery. The chief villain of the series? Ken Kratz, the special prosecutor who headed the investigation and trial. Kratz’s later misdeeds—prescription drug abuse and sexual harassment—only cemented belief in his corruption.

This book tells you what Making a Murderer didn’t.

While indignation at the injustice of his first imprisonment makes it tempting to believe in his innocence, Avery: The Case Against Steven Avery and What Making a Murderer Gets Wrong and the evidence shared inside—examined thoroughly and dispassionately—prove that, in this case, the criminal justice system worked just as it should.

With Avery, Ken Kratz puts doubts about Steven Avery’s guilt to rest. In this exclu- sive insider’s look into the controversial case, Kratz lets the evidence tell the story, sharing details and insights unknown to the public. He reveals the facts Making a Murderer conveniently left out and then candidly addresses the aftermath—openly discussing, for the first time, his own struggle with addiction that led him to lose everything.

Avery systematically erases the uncertainties introduced by the Netflix series, confirming, once and for all, that Steven Avery is guilty of the murder of Teresa Halbach.

February 21
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Customer Reviews

Blackatmis ,

Appreciative to read the other aide

I’ve consumed everything about this case. Watched both seasons of making a murderer and all the police interviews of Avery and Dassey on YouTube. Instead of just watching those sources I really needed to have some questions answered that the defense and internet supporters of Avery weren’t answering and therefore had to read this book. I believe Avery is guilty after all that. I believe Dassey was involved at minimum in witnessing the murder. I found this book far more logical and persuasive than anything the defense and Kathleen Zellner has said and can now see why the jury voted to convict both men. I would have done the same. For those who want to hear the “other side” of the story this is a must read. For those only looking to support their continued belief that Avery is innocent, I suggest not reading this because you’ll need an open mind. It is sad that the halbach family has had to continue to deal with this at the hands of a true monster.

RichardMahler ,


I was very disappointed with this book . A lot of things I know are not factual.

Nursegiggyfly ,


Wish I could give it zero star