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How You Can Avoid Social Media Time Suck and Still Have Time to Write

Avoid Social Media Time Suck is hands-down a must-have book for every author. In this fast-paced world of social media that is changing daily, authors need a clear guide to navigate this confusing terrain. This is the book! Frances Caballo provides dozens of excellent resources along with sound suggestions on how to use your precious time wisely and productively. This is my bible for social networking! —C. S. Lakin, blogger and writing coach at Live Write Thrive

The question everyone asks is, “Can I really manage my social media in just thirty minutes a day?” My answer is yes, you can. This book explains the four-step process to effective and efficient social media marketing for writers.

-How to curate content.

-What and how to schedule your tweets, posts, updates and shares.

-The importance of scheduling time to be social.

-Analyzing your metrics.

Social media is no longer an option for writers – it is a required element of every author’s marketing platform. And using social media to market your books doesn’t need to be time-consuming.

Whether you consider yourself a seasoned social media user or you are new to the social web, this book will introduce you to posting schedules, timesaving applications and content-rich websites that will help you to economize your time while using social media to market your books. After reading this book, you will learn:

-How to create and perfect your author platform.

-Where the great content exists on the Internet and how you can use it to further your brand within your niche.

-The importance of being social and discover applications that will make this task easy and fun.

-Tools that will enable you to track and measure your success so that you can better understand the return on investment of your valuable time.

-Which tools can prevent you from accessing the Internet when the time comes to sit and write that next book.

-Exercises for introverted writers to help them feel comfortable on the social web.

If you’ve been avoiding social media because you feel that you just don’t have enough time or if you’ve been using it sporadically and missing out on the opportunity to widen your audience of readers, then this is the book for you.

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March 20
Frances Caballo
Smashwords, Inc.

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