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Natural Wiccan Cinder Knight has a pretty good life. She’s part of the largest coven in North America and has a great job at the Whalen Family Clinic. She has zero complaints, until she finds herself the recipient of unwanted attention from a certain alpha wolf.

Adam Beaumont hasn’t been the alpha of the Cleveland pack for long before he feels the pressure to take a mate. When he sees a beautiful Wiccan talking to one of his wolves, he knows exactly what to do to make her his. The only problem is that Cinder isn’t receptive to him at all. Everything he tries to do to make her his seems only to push her away, and neither he nor his wolf can accept the denial much longer.

Cinder discovers that she’s not truly a Wiccan, but something much more, and Adam is the only one who can help her. The infuriating alpha male manages to put the brakes on his desire to rush her into mating him because she needs him as she navigates the waters of her new destiny. When someone from her past threatens all they’ve built, will Cinder survive the full moon or will Adam find himself alone once more?

This book contains an alpha male used to getting what he wants, a Wiccan who doesn’t like her choices being taken from her, and enough magic to set the world on fire. Contains m/f interaction, new powers, old magic, shifting, a little wolfy voyeurism, and gratuitous uses of the word mine.

May 4
R.E. Butler
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Zlta ,

Awaken a Wolf ( Wiccan-Were-bear #9

Loved this book. Action, drama, hot shifters, great story line and development.enjoy this Authors work. Can wait for more I hope the secondary characters get their stories. Hold your attention from beginning to the end. Standalone but start at book one worth the read.

Acworth Von ,


I recieved a ARC of this book to read and review. I have absolutely love the Wiccan-Were-Bear series. I rated this book five stars and four 🔥🔥🔥🔥 flames. My blood is racing that's just how much I love this book!! R.E. has such incredible skill, imagination and talent. Her writing is on fire in this compelling, powerful and deliciously paranormal tale of love, suspense, and intrigue! I can't believe how exciting this book is. R.E. gives her readers more excitement in Awaken a Wolf. I have really really enjoyed reading this book really the whole series. But as always I'm not ready for story to end. This series has always tantalized and entertained us. This book Is just as intense and exciting as all the books in the series! There is danger, death, suspense, victories and lots of happiness. WoW! The storyline catches you from beginning to the last. It's so thrilling, steamy and did I say HOT! I mean scorching HOT ! The dialog has a good pace is intelligent and very well written. The characters are handsome, intriguing, captivating, sexy and engaging.The story comes to life and is so lovable they jumps into your heart.

Adam Beaumont is the Alpha of Delta Park pack, he is wealthy, handsome a take charge kind of guy. His father told him that he needed a mate for the good of the pack. At club Lykos Adam smells a heavenly scent as he leaving the club which he realizes is his mate. His pack is in need a witch. But a witch is the last thing Adam wants as a mate. Because he dated one but she wouldn't commit to him even though he knew they were not true mates. Cinder Knight is a hybrid which means she Wiccan witch and wolf. But her wolf has been dormant. But after she gets close to Adam her true mate. Cinder is fighting the mating pull. But as she is about to go to Adam. She has a premonition about her father kidnapped her and kills Adam.

This story which is fascinating marvelous and a revelation.
There will be intrigue, murder, danger the supernatural way, a abduction, suspense and course love and romance. This is one of the best series!

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