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AWAKEN YOUR PSYCHIC ABILITIES is a sensible guide for beginners and teachers. The meditations and

step-by-step instructions will strengthen your connection to your spirit guides and awaken your ability to learn

clairvoyance; seeing in the minds eye, clairsentient; sensing feeling, clairaudient; hearing spiritual messages;

mental telepathy, aura reading, psychometry, past-life recognition, automatic writing, psychic awareness, and

much more. The result is a closer connection with your spirit guides. The purpose of psychic awareness is to

transform your life in positive ways when using your natural intuitive perception.

This book is a metaphysical teaching manual for individual exploration, group workshop, college, and

classroom setting.

All information is non-non-denominational. All references to God represent a universal consciousness that

unites all people, of all faiths, alive or in spirit, in interconnected universal love.

Whether you are a novice or want to teach the paranormal, this book is for you.


Marie Kays book presents meditations, workshop with step-by-step exercises, and spiritual knowledge that will

transform your life in a positive way.

Kathy Nahtygal, healer and psychic.

I, Susi Walter, have taught groups with the exercises and meditations fr om Awaken Your Psychic Abilities for three

years. Most beginners sensed, heard, or saw, within their minds eye, and experienced spiritual guidance shortly aft er

using these simple techniques. This book has significantly changed the lives of many people, including my own.

Susi Walter, founder of: Intuitive Endeavors, Meditation on the Go! www.susiwalter.com.

Marie Kay shares with the reader the many ways we can open up and enhance our spiritual gifts. She is an

outstanding spiritual teacher and guide. Be prepared to expand your intuitive abilities and walk the spiritual path.

Eric Alsterberg, Ph.D. psychologist and spiritual author

Marie Harriette Kay was born in Detroit, Michigan. She is a writer of fiction and nonfiction, an artist,psychic, and medium. She has been a teacher of parapsychology for over forty

years. She was married and raised three children. Marie can communicate with the dead, from which she has acquired much of the material for AWAKEN YOUR PSYCHIC ABILITIES.

She has studied, taught, and lectured on many phases of parapsychology. Askaboutspirits.com

Marie began her psychic training in 1970, with Mrs. June Black, who had her training in London, England, and had also been active in the field of paranormal for over forty years. Marie became Mrs. Blacks assistant and under her guidance for seven years, studied psychic awareness, meditation,

mediumship, psychometry, healing, past-life regression, and much more.

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February 23
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