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This is the ninth title in the GreenSpirit Book Series. ‘Awakening to Earth-Centred Consciousness’ shares personal stories, engages thoughtfully with green topics, and provides insightful teachings about our interconnected relationships with the natural world. A wide range of major subjects are covered such as green burials, veganism, raising green awareness in the Amazon, elephant protection, ecopsychology, and how Nature can heal us.

This book encourages us to embrace an inclusive, compassionate and mindful spirituality – one that leads to interacting with profound levels of life and Nature, of which we are all wondrously interwoven and a part, and the essential obligations this brings for responsible Gaia-centred living.

GreenSpirit Book Series Preface / Introduction – Santoshan (aka Stephen Wollaston) / PART ONE: INTERACTIONS WITH NATURE / 1. The Old Woman and the Sea – Erna Colebrook / 2. The Black Mamba – Amelia Kinkade / 3. Earth Activist Training, Permaculture, and Simple Techniques for Saving the World! – Jonathan Furst / PART TWO: BALANCE AND HEALING / 4. Living on the Edge: A View Through the Lens of Complexity – Jean Boulton / 5. Healing Our Cities – Marian Van Eyk McCain / 6. The Healing Garden: A Personal Tribute to the Work of Pioneering Transpersonal Therapist Jenny Grut (1955 – 2006) – Richard Adams / 7. Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing: Animal Poetry and Ecopsychology – Victoria Field / 8. The Paws that Heal – Margaret Lee / PART THREE: IMPLEMENTING GREEN WISDOM / 9. Project Green Hands – Katie Hill / 10. Elephant Protection: An Interview with Susan Canney – Ian Mowll / 11. Spirituality and Veganism – Piers Warren / 12. Down to Earth: An Eco-Friendly Burial – Jean Francis / 13. Eco-Restaurant in the Amazon Jungle: An Interview with Nicola Peel – Ian Mowll / PART FOUR: NATURE’S POWERS AND WONDERS / 14. Living in the Paradox of Destruction and Creation – Chris Clarke / 15. The Oak Child – Nigel Lees / 16. The Hurricane – June Raymond / GREENSPIRIT RESOURCES / About the GreenSpirit Book Series and Other Resources

Richard Adams, Jean Boulton, Susan Canney, Chris Clarke, Erna Colebrook, Victoria Field, Jean Francis, Jonathan Furst, Katie Hill, Amelia Kinkade, Margaret Lee, Nigel Lees, Marian Van Eyk McCain, Nicola Peel, June Raymond and Piers Warren.

Ian Mowll and Santoshan (aka Stephen Wollaston).

GreenSpirit is a registered charity based in the UK. The main contents/written material, editing, design and promotional work for its ebooks is done on a purely voluntary basis, or given freely by contributors who share SpiritSpirit members’ passion for Gaia-centred spirituality.

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March 30
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