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A comprehensive guide to training and shaping puppy behavior for enlightened pet parents. Includes gentle obedience training and 45 unique games & activities designed to make your treasured pup the absolute best dog he can be. An essential baby book for puppies. In Awesome Puppy, dog lovers and canine psychology specialists Ray & Emma Lincoln share their secrets for building the strongest lifetime bond with your dog starting the minute you bring him home. The book includes information on socialization and lists of people, places and things to introduce your puppy to early in life to make him emotionally balanced and well behaved. And many of the exercises take only moments a day. Awesome Puppy includes secrets & tips known only by dog professionals and highly detailed instructions to kindly and effectively teach pups great house manners as young as 8 weeks- plus instructions for speedy housetraining without crates. You don't have to settle for second best with your puppy. He can be the companion you've always dreamed of- even if he acts "wild" or "neurotic". The book details powerful suggestions to get every pup to listen and learn, and practical games & activities that quickly improve specific problem behaviors- and even increase your pup's IQ. Every single interaction with your pup has a huge impact on his future behavior. So this big lovingly written guide goes beyond cookie cutter obedience and provides a wide variety of activities, exercises and mental games tested by real families with every type of dog. Enjoy major impact with no need for harsh training methods- and no need to break a sweat. Although the activities in Awesome Puppy are fun, they're not just the usual dog tricks, but realistic, creative ways to spend quality time and bond with your pup while shaping his personality into an Awesome Dog.

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January 23
Emma Lincoln
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