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This book speaks about the once suicide attempt of Brandon Warren, a young man who carried a lot on his plate at a young age, but he found his way to cont;nue. Despite the doubt of Satan, Brandon found himself to not only to still be alive, surviving the deadly suicide attempt, but by the grace and mercy of God, he's now found himself considered rebirth. The book highlights not only the importance and value of continuing, but the text ultimately is to inspire one to cont;nue. Brandon is now a considered suicide survivor, and the message of this book will lead to inspire one to cont;nue whatever they've now come to have doubt in, not just life or death.

The text is going to inspire you to cont;nue, rather than give up, at whatever you've now come to lack faith in. The read is totally transparent, showing that no one is perfect, but the only perfect One. This book will highlight the value of dwelling in the presence of the Perfect One, Jesus Christ, who Brandon found saved his life despite his previous sins and once losing sight of his faith.

Brandon, who became a young activist after the passing of his friend, Dijon Anderson, found himself struggling to continue and hold faith in the Lord as stress and mental illness cont;nued to build up and infelicitously attack. Because of the lethal attack of mental illness, sent by Satan, Brandon later found himself struggling to cont;nue carrying his faith as a strong tower against Satan's wrath of a stronghold of the mind. God later gifted Brandon the prophetic visionary importance on spreading the awareness to cont;nue, but not just cont;nue life, but also cont;nue against whatever Satan may deceptively tell us we can't do. The deceit of Satan causes us to sometimes quit, yet this story is to inspire you to cont;nue.

Religion & Spirituality
April 27
Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Ingram DV LLC

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