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What better way to encourage language from your children than using our Baby Actions book created by speech pathologists! This book is perfect for ages 0 months and up... it's never too early to expose them to language learning!  Series 2 has pictures of actions such as screaming, tickling, and washing.   Since many children are visual and auditory learners, we would often spend hours searching the Internet for the perfect images depicting the vocabulary we were targeting in our speech therapy sessions.  Since it was so time-consuming, we decided to make it easier for families and therapists by creating this colorful picture book.  It's not only fun, but also educational! 

Action Words Series 2: pushing, reaching, reading, rolling, screaming, shaking, sitting, sleeping, sneezing, stretching, sucking, swinging, talking, tickling, touching, washing and yawning.

As it says in the name Baby Actions, we want children to have an innovative way of learning actions words. In terms of speech and language milestones, at around 12 months, your children will have about 5-10 single words. And what better way to promote first words than these lively actions?  These action pictures can help your child increase their length of utterance to 3 to 4 word phrases and sentences. By 2 years of age, your child will have about 50-100 words.  At this point they will also start combining words, so they may comment on the book by saying "baby screaming". You can even start teaching the present progressive ending "ing". And at 3 years plus, your children will start producing 3-4 word sentences.  If you're using our book you can target sentences such as "The baby is screaming" or "The baby is rolling".  The grammatically appropriate sentences are written below the picture. You can even add your own spin on things by adding an additional phrase such as a prepositional phrase like "The baby is sleeping in the bed". For any age, you can target "wh" questions such as, "What is the baby doing?"  We have included a picture slideshow and picture gallery to help your child label common action words. We even use the book with older children to target reading, writing, grammar, and punctuation.

January 8
Gift of Gab Resources Inc.
Gift of Gab Resources Inc.

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