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Turning thirty is like a big sale at the meat market. You have to go on discount before someone starts considering you. And that’s not the only problem Clarice Mason has to deal with, because right now her biological clock is ticking and she realizes that one morning she might wake up with white hair and a walking cane as her only companion. So to soothe her problem, Clarice has resolved to have a baby.

Enter Anton Silverton, the man that possesses all the traits Clarice has ever wanted in a mate: tall, handsome, smart, and an overall gentleman—all the perfect genes for her baby. All she has to do now is ask him nicely to donate a little sperm so she can conceive. But damn Hunter Silverton—Anton’s smart-mouth, no-good cousin with the title of number one Casanova in Australasia—has to come stirring up trouble. And now, under the influence of hormonal imbalances, Clarice finds her craving for a baby might not be enough, for she is beginning to crave the love of one of these men.

Spinsters and Playboys series is set in the beautiful country of New Zealand. Humorous and steamy, this first book ends in a cliffhanger. 

Spinsters and Playboys reading order:

1) Baby Be Mine (Clarice and Hunter book 1)

2) Baby I'm Yours (Clarice and Hunter book 2)

3) Boss Lady (Whitney and Darcy) A standalone novel

January 29
Wanitta Praks Media
Wanitta Praks

Customer Reviews

teenah98 ,


Waw pretty cool

buggie0017 ,


I read this book and was really disappointed. The characters all behave so childishly and do not have the emotional capacity of their stated ages. They all seem to think and act like 14 year old girls. There is little character development and the storyline is all over the place. The author tries to include the voices of every single character and their internal thoughts but I feel like it takes away from the main story. Also their voices and personalities are not very distinguishable from each other. They all just sound like the same 14 year old girl. Also- if you’re looking for “steamy” don’t look here. Very misleading. Like I said the characters act like children and definitely not like grown adults who may or may not have had relationships in the past. The idea is there but it just all falls apart. Double yikes from me.

C.X.9 ,

Baby Be Mine: Book 1

I was hook once I started reading. I've been meaning to read this book since I got it, but I never had the time to sit down and read. I should have read this book sooner. The plot and characters were entertaining. I really like the idea of this book. Love how Rosie made their encounter so interesting. Every time the protagonist meet, it's intriguing. It's intriguing to read their interaction unfold. I wanted the the protagonist to encounter and interact more with each other before the last incidents of the book 1, but it's okay. The timing of the book was good enough.

Overall, I like and enjoy reading this book.

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