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There is nothing as loveable as a dimwit

Welcome to the third story in the Space Babies saga. Fortunately, dimwits can be taught ~

The mates of Helian Six are protecting the refugee Puritans hiding on the planet Hesprii by pretending they are their visiting human cousins. They will educate the poor, unfortunate women who were raised to serve the obnoxious males of their planet in things like STDs, virginity, and sex toys.

The males of Helian Six have welcomed a bounty hunter crew from their home planet of Freijia who have a mission to either return or destroy those same Puritans. The bounty hunters have never failed in a mission. Likewise, they have never fallen for females.

Conflict wreaks havoc on the planet unless the males and females of Hesprii can keep the predators and prey separated. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of room for separation when the snipers fall for the ladies hook, line, and sinker.

Nor when the ladies decide to find poor fools to lose their virginity to.

* Book 3 in the Purple People Series. The stories will be richer if you read the two previous stories! If not, here is what's gone on before:

Helian Six found a stasis capsule in space with waking inhabitants. There were nineteen tiny purple beings aboard—to his crew of nineteen warriors. It was a sign they needed to find mates and rear the small ones. It worked out to their advantage that nineteen teachers of the species Human needed kidnapping. Er, rescuing. Those teachers agreed to stay.

With the planet established, Hesprii becomes a land of envy. A personal request from their own Ambassador requires Helian Six to harbor more refugee females. However, the Ambassador has his own agenda. He intends to woo the leader of those females. No one realizes that one of them loses her marbles and drugs the inhabitants of the planet in order to steal their adorable purple offspring.

After a daring rescue, the Ambassador is free to marry Mother Pariah. And that is our story to date!

Book 1 -- Space BabiesBook 2 -- Baby Soldiers In SpaceBook 3 -- Baby Butterfly KissesBook 4 -- Titi (A short novelette)Book 5 -- Rock-A-Bye Babies In Space

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 12
Rena Marks
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

cutelittleears ,

Fly Butterfly

The mates are helping protect women who are being forced to serve some obnoxious men. Now some bounty hunters want to destroy these women. Instead of the women losing their lives, the hunters may lose their hearts.

Jannie3381 ,

Great story, excellent delivery!

I’ve really been enjoying following the story of the Freijians from the Helian Six, the small purple people they discovered, the human women the Freijians brought to teach the little ones. Add in the Quakestrarians, a few more Freijians from Echo Nine and Citrine Seven - stir well - instant riot!
Everything has become far more complicated as the young Quakers attempt to hide who they are from the men sent to capture (or destroy) them. They’re such innocents that it’s hard to pull off their ‘story.’ And those irrepressible little ones! Titi is ever the entertaining little rascal, trying to get out of trouble with smooches and butterfly kisses. This story is a must-read, and comes with assurance of lots of laughter!

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