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Anne Barlow is trapped alone in a Queensland country hotel, being stalked by a crazed Police officer, Pieter Bock, who's been obsessed with her for months, even trying to seduce and then rape her in her own home in Brisbane while her husband Jake is away. Bock believes Anne is meant for him and can't believe that Jake would bring Anne to Monto so close to him. But Jake and Anne are on a special assignment to examine a brilliant young cricketer who's been discovered in the small town. When Jake finds that Bock is there, he wants to send Anne home. She is defiant, not afraid, and refuses to go. Insane Bock formulates a plan to empty the hotel and that part of town with a story of an imminent explosion. He lures Jake away with a story of a murder and disables him with a blow on the head. Then he goes back to search for Anne. But Jake and Anne have prepared for this moment. She locks all the room doors and Bock begins his search, trying each door and then kicking it in. Jake is recovering and forcing himself to get to Anne while she hides in the last room in the corridor. Bock pauses and tells Anne that Jake is dead and she should give herself to him. But Anne waits. She doesn't believe anyone can kill Jake, least of all the insane South African. She sets herself up with her pistol as Jake had taught her, and Bock is outside calling to her. Anne says to herself, 'Well, Anne. Jake gave you this gun, but you wouldn't touch it. You're sure touching it now!' She aims at the door....

Mysteries & Thrillers
December 31
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