Baby, Please

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From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff comes a Surprise Baby Romantic Comedy, BABY, PLEASE



Ever since I was recruited by my college football team, I’ve pushed myself hard. Going pro and earning some real money is a must. Mostly because my brother, Flip, is in a bad place, and I’m all he’s got. 

No problem. I’m tough. I’m a hard worker. I’ve got a plan.

Then right before the season starts, a woman shows up at my apartment with a baby, claiming I’m the father. And then she leaves her with me. For a week? Forever? 

I have no idea, but college, football, and the single-dad gig don’t go together. And forget about my experience with babies. Does this thing come with an off switch? Volume control? Is that a poopie diaper? Help!

Things go from bad to worse when the public catches wind of my surprise-baby situation, and it turns into a PR nightmare. I’m suddenly the poster boy for young single dads. 

This isn’t happening. 

Suddenly, all eyes are on me, both on and off the field, and the only person who can keep me from losing my mind confesses her love. 

And I mess it all up. Her, football, baby, everything.

Now I’m going to have to choose: fix my career or fix my personal life, including coming to grips with loving a baby girl who might not be mine.

January 20
Paper & Silver, Inc.
Paper & Silver, Inc.

Customer Reviews

I'm not really going ,

Oh Baby! What a story!!

This seventh installment of the Ohhellno series follows college football player, Dean. He has worked hard to get past a terrible childhood, supports a brother with a drug habit in rehab, and is counting on an NFL contract so he never has to be poor again. After a particularly bad game he goes to a bar and meets a beautiful woman. To make himself feel better, he has a one night stand. Back at school having to carry extra credits, an internship at a winery and trying to salvage his football career, the one night stand drops off a baby girl with his roommate and says the baby is his and she will be back in a week. Needless to say, this throws his entire world into a tailspin. How is he going to take care of a baby with all he already has going on? Should he just call CPS and turn her over like some tell him to do? Can he keep her and is she really his? Will his friend at the winery turn out to be the love of his life? As only Mimi Jean can, this story takes a major spin and terror sets in! Find out for yourself where this story takes you! It is well worth the ride!!

MyOhMyMyOhMy ,

Too many balls in the air.

Dean has too many balls in the air. He’s a perfectionist and knows the way to success is work harder than anyone else. he has football, he has a job, he has school and now he has a baby???? He can’t possibly handle them all and instead of letting one or two slide, they all implode. He’s a guy! And what a guy. He needs to do it all, he needs to do it himself and he has a plan, but he’s running out of steam and babies don’t wait. Then Lara lends a hand and there’s one more thing for him to juggle. This is a great story about a guy that just has too much to do. He’s young, good looking, smart and talented but he really needs help! Fun story and you really have to feel for the guy because there is so much going on and just when he figures a way to make it work, something else happens and he screws it up again. Poor Dean and poor Lara who stands by him and helps him find a place. Loved characters and really really really felt for Dean.

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