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"About the book" Baby Sleeping Book for Tired Parents: Soft baby sleep is no child's play (Baby sleep guide: Tips for falling asleep and sleeping through in the 1st year of life)

In the first few months of a baby's life, the topic of "baby sleep" can become the dominant family theme...

# The way to a firm sleep rhythm

Even babies need different amounts of sleep at night

The baby has yet to find its sleep rhythm

Infants learn to calm themselves first

Sleeping well takes time - endurance is required here

Every now and then, parents need extra tuition

# Good basis for soft and healthy baby sleep

Infants need the experience of security and reliability

Everyday routine helps the baby to find a rhythm

Just a tired baby likes to sleep too

Prevent the baby from getting tired - otherwise it is difficult to fall asleep and relax

Increased screaming and howling is often a sign of lack of sleep

Independence during the day also supports at night (rest)

Sleeping independently makes sleeping through easier for the baby

# The appropriate sleeping environment is important for a soft baby sleep

Safe baby sleep - always in supine position

Safe and secure stored in a cradle, bassinet or cot

Good equipment of the sleeping place - with sleeping bag but without pillow

Don't wear the baby too thickly for baby sleep - this is the best way to get a good night's sleep

Quality and safety always take priority when it comes to cribs and cots

In the parents' bedroom, the baby bed is in the best of hands - naturally smoke-free!

Sleeping together in a family bed with some safety rules

# If the baby doesn't calm down and sleep causes problems

Not every sleep problem is a sleep disorder at first go

Sleep problems often do not come alone

Overcoming serious sleep problems with professional help

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