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Asleep at night, have you ever dreamed about the hereafter? Drifting in and out of slumber, you may ask yourself, Is there a God and a Heaven? Taking comfort in that belief, you drift back to sleep but soon awaken to another question, Could there be a Devil and a Hell
Baby’s Breath pulls you into the lives of two friends in Hallowed, Ohio in 2010. Claire and Anne have it all--beautiful children, caring husbands, and their close friendship. Claire’s procrastination and Anne’s tragic decision lead to the death of an innocent person. When the deed is done, the two best friends begin a terrifying journey into the realm of demons and angels. Will spiritual warfare enable them to reclaim their broken hearts and spirits? In dreams they know there is Heaven and Hell; Satan and Sinners; Devils and Angels. Claire and Anne face the demons. They search for rescue. Will you dare to think it was only a dream?
A glimpse of Heaven:
“Come, Claire, come. They’re all waiting for us.” Claire closed her eyes and at once she and Ariel were back in the beautiful pearl hallway. “Ariel, am I ever going back to Earth?”
Ariel cautiously responded, “Well, we still have one more place to visit. Claire bristled at this. “No more visits to the nether world, Claire. God is pleased that you courageously endured the view of the chambers of Hell. I know you miss Chet and Jeannie and Jeff. Please trust that God is an omnipotent Father who will reveal His plan to you.” Ariel’s voice was jubilant, “We need to go now, Claire. This is the best part of Heaven.”
Ariel whisked Claire through pearl halls, one more beautiful than the other until they floated in the Angels’ Room of Life. Within the Angels’ Room of Life, Claire and Ariel stood before a huge archway covered with Baby’s Breath flowers and red roses. As they walked through the fragrant portal, Claire gazed in awe at the luminous streams of light that shone on rows and rows of angels, the caretakers of Paradise Purest.
Claire noticed the angels who cuddled the babies seemed to sway gently back and forth as a unit. It was as though God, Himself, was tenderly rocking the cradle of little lost lives. Ariel answered Claire’s thoughts, “He is.”
A glimpse of Hell:
Once inside Chamber Darkest, an Arctic blast of air hit her face, freezing her tears. Claire was confused. Hell was supposed to be fire! Through the crystal clear ice domes, she saw faces frozen in ghoulish frowns, eyes bulging with fear, skulls open with blood clinging to petrified faces. When Claire heard an eerie hissing sound, she turned around abruptly! Snakes of all sizes slithered in the chamber. She looked up and gasped. Serpent tongues eagerly lashed at body parts frozen to the walls, floor and ceiling. Then thousands, maybe millions of demons appeared. In unison they inhaled. Their nostrils opened wide to suck in the dark air. Snakes crawled into a deep hole to avoid what would happen next. In unison, the demons exhaled and a tsunami of fire roared through the chamber. Ice melted and then boiled. Then the water was gone and there was only the inferno.
One of the demons whispered in Claire’s ear, “You came at the end of the show when Hell freezes over. The best part happens now.” He laughed in a high, shrill voice full of evil sarcasm. Then, the demon spewed a long trail of the fire of Hell past Claire’s cheek. She experienced a twinge of pain. At once Michael spread his powerful wings pushing the demon down into the deepest end of the snake hole. The power of Michael the Archangel filled Claire with awe.
Baby’s Breath is BD McDuff’s literary debut into the world of demons and angels, but the back story is about life and death decisions. She explores the intense apprehension of two women who have been friends since childhood. They discover that there is a heaven and a hell; satan and sinners; demons and angels. Bonnie wants to use her writing talent to help those who have been ensnared before it’s too late!

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 23
BD McDuff
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