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Specially created for newborn and very young babies, this is a compilation of three printed books. Over the years, millions of these books have been produced. Parents and carers have been delighted at the response from even very young babies. 

With limited vision at birth, babies are drawn to simple, bold shapes - BabyShapes 1. 

As baby grows, vision improves and more complex shapes become interesting - BabyShapes 2. 

All babies love faces, more than anything, they seek out faces and face-like shapes - BabyShapes 3. 

Babies will have their own special image or face that they prefer. A tongue protrusion is a key aspect of early pre-speech and baby may well copy the faces in BabyShapes 3. You can also try doing the same thing and see what happens. Choose a time when baby is alert and settled, ready to engage and play. See the response. If baby turns away or becomes unsettled, now may not be the best time. It does not mean baby doesn’t enjoy the pictures, it means the time is just not now. How amazing - this is communication!

There is no set age for using this book. Try showing images at different times and let baby show you the most interesting for them at each age. We have feedback of 18 month old babies still enjoying looking at the books at 18 months. Have fun finding out - some will be calming, some very exciting.

Each baby is unique with strengths and sensitivities. Discovering this uniqueness together - and at a young age - is very helpful in forming strong bonds and attachments. 

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February 24
The Children's Project
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