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Porsche loves to babysit. Mostly because she can put the kids to bed early, and spend the hours doing naughty things with her boyfriend. Sometimes it doesn't turn out how she planned the evening. What happens when a group of her friends charge in and surprises her having sex? How will they react to all of her wild curves? Can Porsche handle their passion, coming at her front and back? Warning, this story contains extremely explicit consensual sex between 18 year old adults, between a horny teenage girl and her equally horny male friends, who bang her front and back in some wicked DP action. When inhibitions are stripped away, it comes down to raw, naked sex that steams up your e-reader. This short story is so hot read it only if you can handle the heat one-handed. * * * Only for 18+ adults * * * Snippet: Her insides turned to mush. He was exactly the same height and slimness as her boyfriend, a body type she adored. And he was so close and eager. No one had ever tempted her like that. "I'm with Eddy. You know that," she whispered, throat too tight to speak properly. "Eddy abandoned you," Travis said, moving up to press against her other side. She was sandwiched between the two tall young men. Travis was the fiercest looking of their clique. He kept his head shaved, giving him an almost thug look. He had the most incredible broad, muscular shoulders. "He left you behind, and saved himself." "What?" Travis stroked her flat belly. His hand went dangerously low, almost to her pussy lips. His other hand copped a feel of her naked butt. Porsche put a hand on each of their chests, at first going to pushed them back. She didn't push. Their bold hands on her body called to something deep and base. Something that frightened her, yet called to her.

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January 7
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