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All widowed veterinarian Zach Talbot wants is to raise his two boys in the peace and quiet of his New Mexico town. Who'd have thought that being roped into helping a woman choose a horse for her son would upend the single father's whole world? 

Except ex-actress and rodeo rider Mallory Keyes isn't just any woman. 

With its wide-open spaces and sky that goes on forever, Whispering Pines is the ideal temporary haven after the accident that changed Mallory's life forever. Falling for the sexy, caring man who found the perfect palomino for her eleven-year-old wasn't in her short- or long-term plans. Zach's also determined to get Mallory back in the saddle. Can she return the favor by helping to heal the still-grieving vet's heart?

March 1
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Mblteach ,

Back in the Saddle

Back in the Saddle
Karen Templeton

Written beautifully with grace and compassion, but not pity Karen has given a story that shows Zach and Mallory having to face fears that have overwhelmed them. Death of a loved one and a debilitating injury keep them from being truly happy in their lives. Family and circumstances seem to be working to get them past their fears so they can have a HEA.
Once I started I had to keep reading to find out what was in store for Zach and Mallory.

Witcbladejar ,

This such a sweet story, very enjoyable, and wonderfully romantic!

Back in the saddle is about second chances for both love and a normal life. Both main characters are living a half life at the beginning of the novel. Watching them both let go of the fear and pain of the past and to believe that are both worthy of love, in my opinion, is the theme of the novel.

The story starts out with Zach Talbot, the brother of Levi Talbot from 'A Solider’s Promise', and he is the father of two young boys. Zach has been suffering from the loss of his wife when she died a couple of years before the novel began. He is a single father who is not interested in a forever after relationship because of the pain he suffered. As a veterinarian, he meet a woman, Dorelle Keyes, and she is the mother of a famous Hollywood actress. Dorelle enlists Zach’s assistance to help her daughter, Mallory Keyes, find a horse for grandson, Landon. Zach does not make the connection on who Mallory is until they meet. Can Mallory help heal his broken heart?

Mallory moved to New Mexico with her mother to escape the paparazzi who have been following her unrelentingly since her injury. Mallory considers her New Mexico property as a vacation home and is staying there to give herself and her son, who is in California with his father and her ex-husband, a break from all the chaos that the media is causing in there lives. She survived a skiing accident that caused her paralysis from the waist down, which for the most part ended her acting career. Now living life as a paraplegic, she has adjusted to her situation and in many ways she is effected by the injury but she does not let it define her. Mallory is what we want our Hollywood heroes to be, in other words, unspoiled by success and down to earth. As the story unfolds you see the woman and her heart just as Zach does.

With a little help from family, the two keep running into each other and a strong connection develops between them. In Mallory's youth she was a Barrel racer and Zach helps Mallory get back part of herself that she lost by helping her to ride horses again. Mallory shows Zach that there is still life to live after tragedy. Overall, this is a well written, sweet, and romantic story and I highly recommend it!

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