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Past life regressions. Are they all it is purportedly confirmed they are? Professional therapists are split on the validity of such a thing as past lives. Some believe they can be merely a figment of the imagination under the direction of hypnosis. Others have documented actual regressions when the patient can research and verify a past life. Catherine Henderson’s fixation on her new acquaintance piques the curiosity. Each time she sees him, she knows they have met before. Seth Adams mentions he has met Catherine somewhere prior to this latest connection, but can’t put his finger on where it could have been. After vivid, disturbing dreams visit and revisit Catherine, her friend Allison convinces her to seek out a professional who might can help Catherine come to terms in believing the reincarnate and had met Seth a past life. It becomes a journey of discovery and acceptance that she, indeed, had met her new love in a past life. Will he accept the answers she has discovered?

Catherine is a noted writer for a popular magazine. Her assignment to compose a feature article on the one small woolen mill situated in Boston becomes more than words on the page. She feels comfortable with the CEO of the mill, so much so she wonders if she had met him before, but is unable to remember where that could have been. Her dreams of the past begin the journey of learning just who she was and how he fits into her past and present.

Seth Adams is happy with his work. While Catherine conducts her interview, he has the uncanny feeling they have met before. Time spent together doesn’t bring him any closer to the answer. He scoffs at the idea it must have been in a past life. Will Catherine’s revelation change his preconceived notion there is no such thing as reincarnation?

September 9
Sherry Boardman
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