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Gregory S. Rakoczy debuts his first captivating novel, a psychological thriller loosely based on factual events.

Follow a young man's journey as he travels back to a fork in the road, where he must choose the path of least resistance or the path that will finally right the wrongs that robbed him of his childhood innocence. Scott Biondi takes us inside the dark remembrances of his youth, to the place where it all began - a child of four thrown into a foster system that would change his life forever. Each chapter reccounts the horrific details of Scott's adolescence masterfully delivering page after page of spine-tingling suspense.

Scott's memories are vividly recalled as he travels across the United States, leaving behind a wife and newborn son, on a quest that will surely end in tragedy or triumph. With the stakes so high, Scott wonders if the time is right. Yet, he knows that if he is ever to attain the peace his new life requires, he must revisit his old life, a life better forgotten. A life that gave birth to "the list."

The list was years in the making...and the time has come to cross off names. Names like "Uncle Jack."

"Over his childhood, the term 'Uncle Jack' came from a grouping of men who were in his life from the time he was about four up to his thirteenth birthday. They were men who had been boyfriends of his mother, friends of his foster parents, or strangers who had showed some interest in his life. Instead of changing the names to match the actual person, Scott put them all into the Uncle Jack category."

But the list was not comprised of just men...

Join Scott as he sets out on a harrowing journey to find and punish each person who made the list that brought him Back to a Fork in the Road.

Mysteries & Thrillers
August 23
Gregory Rakoczy
Gregory Rakoczy