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If you are curious about the night sky and would like to learn more about the hobby of astronomy, then this new interactive book is for you. Written by a leading science education author, Backyard Astronomy: An Introduction to Stargazing is a beautifully illustrated guide that teaches you everything you need to know to start exploring the sky you see every night from your own backyard.

You’ll learn all about “star hopping”, how to tell a planet from a star, the phases of the Moon and along the way you’ll also get tips on how to use binoculars and telescopes. With this interactive book as your guide, you’ll be exploring the sky in no time!

Science & Nature
February 16
Simulation Curriculum Corp.
Simulation Curriculum Corp.

Customer Reviews

sreyemhtes ,

I love my baby

I confess to a severe case of bias: I work at Simulation Curriculum, publisher of this book. So of course take everything I say with a grain of salt, right?

That said, I'm really proud of this book. I think it is filled with excellent content, is well written and makes really good use of this wonderful new interactive book platform.

I'm very curious about whether readers of enhanced iBooks will care that it's 240 meg. It feels like kind of a lot for a book, but that's mostly because of the many multimedia elements, which I do think add a lot of value.

Anyway, here we go. I hope you enjoy reading "Backyard Astronomy" as much as we enjoyed making it.

- sm

Goody111 ,

Backyard Astronomy

Not worth the price? Seriously? It's loaded with great content and simulations. Perfect for beginners and people who want to understand how things work!

EnsPulver ,

Not worth the price

Broad generalities leading to an advertisement for Starry Night software resulted in my disappointment. This book provides so little content that there is really no point in buying it.