Bad Billionaires Box Set Bad Billionaires Box Set

Bad Billionaires Box Set

Billionaire's Club Books 1-3

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Publisher Description

Bad Night Stand

I’d brought him home thinking that for once in my life I would live a little.

Then he’d walked out, and I’d chalked the experience up to a bad one-night stand.

Now weeks later I was puking my guts up and had a pink stick with a plus sign on it declaring my future.

And because my life was my life, I was pregnant, alone, and starting a new job.

And whose company was I working for?

Jordan. Jordan O’Keith.

The man who’d I’d brought home that night. The man whose baby was currently residing in my belly. The man I hadn’t recognized…

And the man who was my father’s arch enemy.


Bad Breakup

Twice he’d broken her.

CeCe was supposed to be traveling the world, taking the vacation she had always dreamed of, living the life she’d always hoped for.

Not pushing away an ex who was determined to have her again.

Not finding it harder and harder to resist Colin at every turn.

But she was.

Finding it harder to turn him away, harder to steel her heart against him. Especially when she found out exactly why the past had torn them apart.

Because just like before she was falling hard.

Falling fast.

Falling deep.


Bad Husband

He was her mortal enemy in the business world.

But in the real world?

He had a soft spot…and it was only for her.

And when sexy, smart, and oftentimes cold Clay Steele showed that soft part to her, Heather forgot to be the smart, calculated businesswoman she was.

In fact, Heather got stupid.

And stupid had her waking up hungover and naked in Clay’s bed.

With a giant diamond ring.

On her left hand.

Oh hell—

What had she done?


Bad Date: A Never Before Released Novella

Blind dates were the absolute worst.


Awkward, filled to the brim with small talk, and they never, ever worked out.

Kay knew all that. Yet for some reason, she still had agreed to let Heather set her up.

And when the date came, Kay found herself stood up.

Yup, that was just perfect.


Her night was shot, she was behind on her word count, but then…she quite literally ran into tall, dark, and handsome outside the restaurant. One look at him and Kay thought that perhaps her night might be salvaged after all.

Until she discovered tall, dark, and handsome was a jerk. Until she discovered that jerk was her missing blind date—her rude and insufferable date who blew right by her as if she didn’t exist.

What. The. Hell?

June 3
Elise Faber
Elise Faber

Customer Reviews

Crazy not lazy ,

Bad Billionaires Box Set

I really enjoyed reading this book. All three stories were great. I especially liked the first one and second one. Great reading, or continuation of previous stories.

straighttalker198 ,

Expen trash

Bad and not worth a penny

Picky Priscilla ,

Bad Billionaires

Loved the characters! Strong but vulnerable. I really enjoyed reading about what’s going on inside their heads! Funny and likable. I want to read everything she writes!

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